make it happen

You are constantly talking about becoming an entrepreneur and taking hold of your future. You love to hear the success stories of entrepreneurs who defied the odds and created an empire from a mere vision. You frequently scan websites such as this one to read about entrepreneurial insights and gain motivational information. But guess what? Nothing develops from dreamy talk and consistent reading. You have to put your ideas in motion and make them happen.

I know the risk of failure is a weighing factor in delaying your entrepreneurial journey but risk and failure go hand and hand with entrepreneurship. No one said this was supposed to easy or that the answers to problems would be seen clearly; you have to work hard then work even harder. The best aspect of being an entrepreneur is knowing that you worked hard to see the difficulties and issues be produced into rewarding success. Do not get sidetracked by the challenges and demanding lifestyle, it comes with the territory. As an entrepreneur you will face many hurdles that will test your patience but are needed to make you a better business operator. Do not let excuses hold you back from pursuing entrepreneurship. Stop being fearful of the unknown and make your dreams a reality.

How to make it happen:

  1. Examine Your Current Life

You are contemplating the decision of becoming an entrepreneur but are not exactly sold on the idea. It is now time to analyze your current lifestyle to determine if you are headed into the wanted direction. Too many times we allow life to happen without us being in the driver’s seat. Usually this leads to a lot of what-ifs when looking back on missed opportunities. If you are not satisfied with your current path in life, change the scenery and reroute the destination. You only have one life, so live it by realizing your dreams and accomplishing those things that currently seem impossible.

  1. Plan and Prepare for the Future

Planning and preparing for the future is essential to realizing your dreams. Success does not just appear out of the open-air, it requires due diligence and patience. We are all eager for our moment in glory when the hard work finally pays off but until that time continue moving forward. Keep yourself motivated by keeping your eye on the prize and using that image as unlimited fuel to remain focused. Those who have gained unprecedented success planned and prepared to live successful lives. You must do the same.

  1. Execute Your Plan

Nothing can be accomplished without executing a game plan. No matter how brilliant the person or how revolutionary the idea, that means nothing if the idea has no action behind it. Do not settle on your idea s being the selling point because millions of people have ideas, but only a few can make their ideas a reality. If you want to make it happen badly enough; you will strive relentlessly to make your ideas and concepts known to the public. Put your ideas into motion and generate interest through a well executed game plan that illustrates your hunger to be taken seriously.

Life is what you make it. Do not let fear and outside influences affect your dreams of success. Those who are quick to criticize and complain are usually unhappy with their own lives. Brush the skepticism to the side and become the overseer of your future. Do not just talk about it be about it and stake claim to what is yours.

Yura Bryant is the Business Development Manager at Sherry Bryant & Associates, a consulting business in Atlanta, Georgia. Yura writes extensively on, a website dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and small business owners.