Hey guys, today is a throwback!  As a bonus episode of the Live Different Podcast I’m re-publishing what I think is the best interview I’ve ever conducted…

Tim Sanders absolutely rocks this interview and tells you how to raise your brain’s capacity by 300%, make quick decisions, trust your gut, and build a startup culture that kick’s ass.

Tim Sanders is a New York Times best selling author and was formally Mark Cuban’s right hand man. Tim has written numerous books with the most recent being “Today We Are Rich: Harnessing the Power of Total Confidence“. Tim is a leadership expert and speaks around the world on the importance of business relationships.

Take a few minutes to download the podcast here…

Interview Questions:

1. Tell us about your book for a minute
2. Could you elaborate on your quote “Leader’s need to define reality and give hope”?
3. You mention being tough but fair. Being Mark Cuban’s right hand man was he fair?
4. How do you take the trust in your gut and translate that to actual confidence?
5. If I’m staying up all night reading books when should I be worrying about cash flow?
6. What else are we wasting our time on as entrepreneurs?

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