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Google Plus: The “Ghost Town” that Helps Build Personal Brands

| May 25, 2013 | 5 Comments

What If I told you Google Plus is no longer a “ghost town,” Would you believe me? I hope so. But don’t worry, this isn’t another how-to guide. This post is about opening your mind to how powerful a personal brand is. Specifically, how Google Plus can help you build a personal brand that makes […]

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The Dawn of Emotional Bond Marketing: Avoid This at Own Risk

| October 14, 2012 | 3 Comments

If you’re not creating emotional bonds with customers in the 21st century, you’ll lose. Don’t think emotional bonds apply to your startup? Hate to say it, but you’ll lose. Here’s why. Traditionally, marketing has a bad reputation in the eyes of consumers. From annoying radio commercials that interrupt the latest Katy Perry song to emotionless billboard […]

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Why Social Media is the Ultimate Ice Breaker

| July 8, 2012 | 11 Comments

Aren’t you tired of reading the same old social media tips? Something like this… 5 ways to get more comments. 10 ways to get more comments on Twitter. Or how about, 21 ways to get more comments and increase your twitter following at the same time. Allow me to curl up in the fetal position […]

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