The Under30CEO Awards launched on July 15th to discover and highlight the top young entrepreneurs across the United States. There has been an amazing response so far from young people across the country as well as schools, incubators, work centers and more to help with the search. Submissions are open until September 15th so there is still time to apply!

We could not have done this with out the support of our sponsors for this event. We wanted to give a quick thank you to them and encourage our readers to take a minute to check them out.

Thank you to our sponsors:

 A private, invite-only network where up-and-coming and accomplished leaders of the most promising start-ups can connect to exchange business knowledge. Under30CEO readers have already asked hundreds of questions on HighTable with many of them receiving multiple answers from industry experts. Take a few minutes to apply to the network.

 eMinutes is forming 500 free corporations for young entrepreneurs. This is a great opportunity to connect to a real lawyer to find out what type of business you should form and how to do it correctly. Even if you don’t qualify eMinutes has another great offer on their normal incorporation services. Don’t miss out on this chance to form your company for free!