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The Best Apps to Boost Your Productivity

| June 18, 2013 | 9 Comments


We have come to that age when most of us wish to have 50 hours a day, because there is so much to do with so little a time. Everyone is stuck in between managing work and other aspects of life. Here comes the involvement of technology, particularly smart phones and gadgets. There are some amazing apps out there which do not just make things a lot easier, but also gives our overall productivity a positive boost to keep it up and move forward.


No matter what type of smart phone you use, you can now arrange and attend practically infinite number of meetings and create webinars, share files, screenshots and everything else that is required to make it as a real meeting. Though this is a paid app and comes with quite bit of a cost in comparison to others, but you have to look at the ease it brings to your work life and productivity. It is like being in the office, even if you are at home preparing dinner. It is hitting a number of birds with a single bullet (or app) actually!


While being busy with other work we often lose track of our expenses made and end up having no trace of the money we spent. With Expensify this becomes a lot easier since it documents all the expense reports, including automatic updates for credit cards, banks and other financial transactions that occurred using electronic means. For cash exchanges Expensify includes options to take photo or scan the image of any such receipts to be added in the monthly expense report for you to check and be organized.


This is one app that is at the same time a personal assistant, a notepad, a calendar, an organizer, a planner and everything else you need to keep things done on time. It is a package of apps including a different one for every purpose you may have like drawing tools, lunch reminder etc. It has its business version too, in case you are willing to use it to keep your entire business on track with its help. For people looking for a solution and a boost in their productivity Evernote is nothing but a must-have app.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Every working soul would love an assistant to ease up some load but it takes a lot of money to have one. This app does almost everything that can be an assistant’s job, but this ‘assistant’ is sitting on your palm-top and is managed with the command of your taps. From taking notes from your dictation, scheduling appointments and meetings, searching contents or checking e-mails and other messages to keeping your social media accounts up-to-date – you name it and this full-time free helper does it. Magic, huh? No, it is technology!


Cloud facility of this app is a must to have backup of work and also for easy and trouble-free sharing. CloudOn is just the app which saves time and energy of caring your work everywhere with you, just login and there is the file you need for the meeting, as simple as that!

Post by Linda Waters. Enthusiastic blogger, marketing executive at Writes about innovative mobile solutions, useful apps and cell phone tracking technologies.

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  • Christine Steffensen

    Cloud apps is really a great help in our day to day task. Indeed, technology today is getting better. Found this blog very useful. :)

  • Siddharth Bharath

    You should add Toggl to the list. I use it to keep track of the time I spend working on different projects. It gives you reports at the end of the day to show you where you spend your time, and you can compare that back to your daily schedule.

  • Cameron Fous

    i use gotomeeting everyday to consult stock traders. Its the best way to teach

  • Cameron Fous

    in addition.. google drive is prob the best cloud app. free 15gb and mobile

  • Andrea

    Another productivity application very interesting that I wish to share is Beesy. I discovered the app on AppStorm and since, I use this app all the time to manage my work. This app allow me to use
    actions templates, drag & drop to organized notes, import/export docs, PDF and sync all datas with DropBox and Evernote. I save a lot of time with the app.

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  • Appsicum

    Good list of productivity apps! I will add two
    more, people should check out if they haven’t already. Future
    Scheduler and Location Alerts Productivity apps (Paid).

  • Frankpowell

    Email for Business – an app with email templates for professionals is another app that should have been a part of this list. Check it out here –

  • Albert pinto

    Nice post. One tool, that I think you should include is Proofhub. It has time tracking and work break down structure which boost the productivity.