“NOT AGAIN”, 12 months ago this statement would be coming from my wife’s mouth.  It was a Saturday afternoon and I couldn’t put my phone down and kept wandering towards my computer. It was a magnetic draw that I couldn’t resist. What if a client had emailed me or what if Jay Leno wanted me on his show? But ofcourse, I would have to return his call in the next 20 minutes.  I quickly realized my work-life balance had gone kaput.

Unknowingly, I had said goodbye to life and with open arms accepted work as a 24-hour friend. I can hear some of you right now thinking, “Oh phew I’m not the only one who puts work before life, I can’t wait to tell Mary she just needs to get a few more hobbies”. EXCUSE ME… Mary, Bob, Martha, Phil, anyone in your life who deserves your full attention SHOULD receive it.  I quickly snapped back into reality with a few “gentle” reminders.  What is the point of living if you don’t LIVE?  Who cares if you have the number one selling book, if you haven’t seen you friends or family, let alone daylight in 12 days.

READY.SET.SNOW.. oh I meant GO. Get ready to experience some of the ways I handle my work-life balance.  I don’t have it down to a perfect science yet, but I do enjoy beers with my friends and dates with my wife, all while running a successful business.

4 tips to make your work-life better:


Develop who YOU ARE. Stop doing what has always worked. Instead, stretch yourself and try something new.  If you master this habit you will experience an avalanche of excitement towards daily life. As you invest in yourself, you can then invest in the lives of those you are closest to.


On weekends, wake up early and head to a coffee shop. Use this time to establish what you will accomplish during the week. This helps fight the battle of never feeling on top of your work. This also helps you manage your energy throughout the week, allowing you to feel at ease when with family and friends. Over the holidays, I always head to Starbucks early in the morning that way I can be relaxed and truly enjoy the time off.


Involve your immediate family in your business and let them see why you are so passionate about it.  This is HARD, and tricky but necessary for long-term success.  If you are involved in trade shows, pack up the family and make it an adventurous trip. You need them as much as they need you.


How do you view your leisure time? Instead of viewing it as recovery time, use it as PREPARATION time. I used to view days off as play days.  Now I realize that I can take 1 hour out of my day off and either reflect or prepare for my future. This simple shift in thought is Red Bull for the brain.

If you’re currently struggling with work-life balance one of the best things you can do is be honest with those around you.  Tell your friends and family that you realize you aren’t giving them the attention they deserve and ask them to keep you accountable. Accountability = Results.  Set up dates and times in advance that you will devote solely to life and stick to it. AND, if you were wondering I’m currently at Starbucks at 6:45am writing this. MY words = MY action.

Joshua R. Schneider is the CEO and founder of Prime3Coaching, taking businesses and individuals to their #NEXTLEVEL.  Through coaching, consulting, and reality speaking, Josh is creating a #NEXTLEVEL generation.  His passion was derived from his own discontentment.  He despised his first job as an accountant and chose to go after what he truly desired. Gone are the days of just going to work, performing and going home.  The #NEXTLEVEL generation doesn’t just crush it at work; they’ve discovered the need to go to work on themselves too. 

Image Credit: Shutterstock.com