All Entrepreneurs have one thing in common, they all have drive. Drive is an insatiable itch with a passion for purpose that has a plan of action. Entrepreneurs take chances; must be able to trust chance yet, they still have major responsibilities. For a true entrepreneur – those whom cannot ignore their itch, passion, purpose and plan – taking chances while having major responsibilities can lead to living a double life.


A double life is the life an entrepreneur leads when they have cash needs as in bills. Entrepreneurs want so badly to stay true to their passion, focuses or at least their field but, that’s not always easy in this economy. There are times when the bills, the basic expenses of living creep up and that entrepreneur has to take a job as it becomes available. But a true entrepreneur will remain true, doing what he/she must to earn what they need and still endeavor to bring their plan to fruition. Honor to their responsibilities leads them to live a double life which can be chancing it at times.

Taking a chance with risk

Working a job while operating a business puts an entrepreneur in a risky situation. Taking the chance of looking for work while being a senior member of a company puts them at risk of getting caught. Hiring managers may question the entrepreneur about their intentions; seeing them either as a threat or untrustworthy. Because entrepreneurs network a lot, they run the risk of being seen by peers and business colleagues. Run-ins with business peers may raise questions about their trustworthiness as well as the strength of their business. There is a risk of being put under scrutiny if found out, this is a chance entrepreneurs must take.

Trusting “Chance”

Shame is not a luxury entrepreneurs can afford to let slow them down. An entrepreneur’s double life isn’t sugar and candy it’s also a double edged sword requiring 16-20 hours of work per day, six-to-seven days per week. Entrepreneurs possess discipline to to put lower functions aside and do whatever it takes. Suffice it to say entrepreneurs are already hard workers, at least they are capable of getting multiple jobs done.

When taking chances, trusting chance means keeping everything in perspective. Knowing that responsibilities are being met refuels entrepreneurs to not stop their pursuit of chance. Trusting “chance” means trusting chance to work in their favor just by trying enough. Call a coin, flip it enough times it will land in your favor – that is trusting chance.

In conclusion, entrepreneurs have passion which creates a purpose for them; it is like an itch that must be scratched by putting a plan into action. Leading a double life does not mean that they aren’t trustworthy. They are just doubly focused and that much more determined. Entrepreneurs are not super people; they require maintenance. There are things they have to do and things that they must put first. Their responsibilities are equal to that of having a child, one must care for while maintaining themselves.

As an entrepreneur, you will be divided. As big city entrepreneur it will be difficult to keep clear of run-ins. The thing to do is be honest and brand yourself right. Your personal brand should precede you wherever you are; avoiding confusion when run-ins occur.  There may still be emotional shame that others place on you like having a wife and a mistress in a monogamous society but, your discipline will give you the ability to stand strong, not stop, and keep it all in perspective.

Danii Oliver is a New York City Creative Technologist, she doesn’t just think up great digital ideas she designs them, tests them, and can develop them all herself. As the CDO of DAMN Digital Studio LLC Danii and teammates consult with Enterprise level companies as the firms decided to move towards the digital aspect of advertising, marketing and branding.