Entrepreneurs, by means of nature or nurture (another argument) you’ve been gifted with the ability to bring together resources for profit. Just as much as our world needs you for economic stability, jobs, and innovation, we need you for your ability to bring resources to those in need.

This year I’ve been heavily influenced by an organization called Charity: Water. Their founder, Scott Harrison made his living as a New York City nightclub promoter. He led a life of selfishness and arrogance. Desperately feeling unfulfilled, he asked a simple question:

What would the opposite of my life look like?

Scott proceeded to take a position with a humanitarian organization traveling to Africa. It is there he found his calling. Scott saw first hand the affects drinking dirty water had on people. He went on to use his gift as a promoter and founded Charity: Water. The organization now raises money to drill and build wells for the billion people living without clean drinking water.

Scott Harrison used his influence and entrepreneurial abilities to help those in need. As an entrepreneur, it is my belief you have the obligation to do the same.

I’m starting small. On January 1st, I turned 21. Instead of asking for gifts which I certainly don’t need, this year I decided to give up my birthday and ask for donations for Charity: Water. Each $20 raised is another person that never has to go without clean drinking water.

I’d like to encourage you to find an occasion or reason of your own to “give up” an event for a charity. Entrepreneur favorites include: which supplies micro loans to entrepreneurs in third world countries and the aforementioned They also have a nice platform for you to host your own event page at

Some of the most rewarding experiences you will have in life will come from helping those in need. Do something besides blowing your money on shots at the bar on your birthday and decide to do something that matters. It’s your duty.

If you’re feeling generous, you can donate to Charity: Water on my page here

For further inspiration, check out this talk from Scott explaining its founding in detail.

Luxury Lab – Scott Harrison of charity: water from charity: water on Vimeo.

Marshall Haas founded AllRendered, an architectural rendering firm. He is currently working on a new startup, Follow him on Twitter @MarshallHaas

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