Daniel DiPiazza Under30Experiences Power of Consistency

Daniel DiPiazza surfing with the Under30Experiences crew in Costa Rica

What makes you ordinary vs. extraordinary? 

In this week’s podcast I bring back Daniel DiPiazza, the founder of Rich20Something, to discover what makes some people stand out and succeed. Find out how Daniel was able to grow his Instagram following to over 100,000 followers in a few months and secure a book deal, all while on a nationwide tour fighting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu! 

We dive into the power of consistency, unique habits and schedules that help people “do it all”.

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“Passion follows skill and skill only develops over time” 

“You should have something or someone in your life that humbles you consistently” 

“You have to persist long enough for your desired effect to happen”

“Everyone needs something they do for them”

“90% of people in the world don’t ever focus on getting really fucking good at something”

“It’s really important to have some depth to you”

“We spend our whole lives wanting extraordinary things but then being ordinary”

“If you can survive boredom, you can have anything you want”

“Your future is built on what you’re doing in the past”

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