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The Rising Tech Scene in NYC: Becoming a Digital City

| March 14, 2012 | 1 Comment

New York City is quickly becoming one of the most digitally connected cities on the planet. This is no accident. The city has an extensive plan and road map to achieve numerous things to stay on top of the demand for more access and engagement. The cities 4 part road-map can be seen below:

1. Access
The City of New York ensures that all New Yorkers can access the Internet and take advantage of public training sessions to use it effectively. It will support more vendor choices to New Yorkers, and introduce Wi-Fi in more public areas.

2. Open Government
By unlocking important public information and supporting policies of Open Government, New York City will further expand access to services, enable innovation that improves the lives of New Yorkers, and increase transparency and efficiency.

3. Engagement
The City will improve digital tools including and 311 online to streamline service and enable citizen-centric, collaborative government. It will expand social media engagement, implement new internal coordination measures, and continue to solicit community input.

4. Industry
New York City government, led by the New York City Economic Development Corporation, will continue to support a vibrant digital media sector through a wide array of programs, including workforce development, the establishment of a new engineering institution, and a more streamlined path to do business.

How is the city doing?

On January 4th the city actually released a progress report for the above goals. Many of them have been completed and all of the goals have at least been started. You can view the full progress report here.

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