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The Secret Every Entrepreneur Must Know

| August 31, 2009 | 35 Comments

TheSecretLogoSocrates, Plato, Davinci, Newton, Edison, Carnegie, Einstein; what do they all have in common? The Secret.  They used it to manifest everything they wanted in life.  These great leaders knew that they were in charge of creating their future.  They knew why 1% of the population earns 96% of the money. They knew that anything in life they wanted was achievable with The Secret whether it be success, happiness, wealth, the perfect partner or all of the above.

The Secret is used by Jack Canfield author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series who has used this age old methodology to sell over 100 million copies of his books.  “I live in a four and a half million dollar mansion.  I have a wife to die for.  I get to vacation in all the fabulous spots of the world.  I’ve climbed mountains.  I’ve explored.  I’ve been on safaris.  And all of this happened, and continues to happen because of knowing how to apply The Secret.”

The Secret is the law of attraction.  This method of thinking has helped thousands of people achieve their dream life.  Exactly what every Under30CEO is looking to do.  The Secret says “when you think a thought, you are also attracting like thoughts to you…as you think thoughts, they are sent out into the Universe, and they magnetically attract all like things that are on the same frequency…thoughts become things.”


Uhhh…secrets? Magnetic pull? Come on seriously?  Crazy talk or not Byrne proves that focusing on what you want really works. The Secret focuses your thoughts and belief patterns and when our brains are focused on what we want–we get it faster–coincidence or not.

Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Norman Vincent Peale–all founders of similar belief patterns that include positive thinking, visualization and focus–have collectively made billions.  That’s right BILLIONS.  They’ve lived lives we can only dream of–and most of us think we can never achieve.  Coincidence?  Nobody will know for sure.  But the success stories don’t lie.  Credit the paranormal? Maybe.  Credit yourself? Absolutely.  What you believe you can achieve and if you don’t think it’s true–try it.  The methodology is too powerful not to give it a shot.  The reward is too big not to employ The Secret in some way, shape or form.

Whether or not you are a magnet the key is focus.

When you are excited, motivated and focused on your goals instead of the roadblocks, you are much more likely to succeed.  But “when you worry about things you fear you are actually inviting more of these things into your life.” Race car drivers never look at the wall.  As soon as they do, they get sucked in.  You have to continually focus on what you want, instead of the things you don’t want.  The Secret says once you ask for what you want and completely believe in it, you own it. Rhonda Byrne and her team of experts say you must focus on the feeling it gives you, so much so as you feel it’s already in your hands.

Completely focus on the feeling it gives you? Wait a second, isn’t that we all seek anyway–the feeling it gives us when we smell the fresh leather in our new BMW or the feeling we get when we anonymously donate a million dollars to feed starving children?  If you feel ultra successful inside, then you might as well be.  If you focus on who you are–a leader, a visionary and business mogul, then you are–whether you have a million dollars in the bank or not.

We all chase the feeling.

When we believe in who we are, our mood drastically changes.  If you think you are a pile of shit, you are.  If you have the confidence of a Greek God in the bedroom, then you’ll perform like one.  People who go around focusing on the negative, seem to find more negativity in their day.  Attracted to them, focused on, whatever–why would you want to find the negative in everything? At least use The Secret as a good mental exercise.

Feeling piss poor makes us feel piss poor.  It’s about feeling who you are.  Once you have a million dollars in the bank, you are still the same person, so start celebrating now.  If you know deep down inside you are a world changer, start focusing and start feeling those changes every single day.

Things to do to attract that feeling

Test drive that Benz, shop for that penthouse, put your vacation destination as your desktop background, plan your charitable donations, dream of your perfect partner with your hands down your pants–whatever you need to do, do it!  Imagine things like you were a little kid.  Daydream! Get that personal assistant 1 day a week, or splurge on that massage, however you can afford it.  The more you focus on your goals, the more your life becomes devoted to them, and the more your life seems to flow.

Remember when you had your first big business idea?  The way it made you feel during that brainstorming session?  That eureka moment, when you scribbled down notes so fast your hand cramped. Everything was flowing.  You called your friends, tried to get them on board, you put up diagrams of your business model on your wall; you were making shit happen.  Why? Because you believed.

However long that feeling lasted, you believed it could happen.  The action felt joyous, you could do it all day.  You felt amazing.  As an entrepreneur that’s the promised land–the excitement, the enthusiasm, the euphoria.  You were doing what you love.  No more swimming upstream, all the good things seemingly come to you now. Your mind and actions are flowing.

The top athletes in the world use visualization.  Tiger sinks puts as he sleeps, MJ sank threes while eating breakfast, A-Rod can see the laces on a hanging curve in the shower.  These guys knew they were the best before they became the best.  They had more than confidence; they actually believed they were the best.  If you aren’t doing everything you can to achieve success then you aren’t doing enough.  Start visualizing what you want.

Author Matt Wilson is co-founder of Under30CEO, challenging people to defy the 9-5, stop doing stuff you hate and get innovative. Wilson graduated from Bryant University with a clear goal of starting his own business and while there, led Bryant University to becoming the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization of the Year and became National Student Leader of the Year.

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  • Matt Crowe

    Good post Matt.

  • MattWilsontv

    Matt, I'm glad you liked it. I was very careful about how I expressed the secret to people who haven't read the book or seen the dvd. I wanted it to be the “practical version” of the secret, for the every day entrepreneur who doesn't necessarily buy into this type of philosophy normally. Hope it helps you out

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  • Jared O'Toole

    Great article. Confidence is what its all about. Knowing you are the best and knowing you will succeed. This idea applies to every part of life. You will be happier and more successful with everything you do from cooking to driving to starting a business if you can visualize that success and believe it.

  • marinakvillatoro

    Great post! It's funny, the movie came into my hands when my I was hearing it from everyone, but in Costa Rica it's impossible to get anything that's going on NOW. so when it literally walked into my house, i was thrilled.

    I've watched it and have fully refocused my life. also, i really believe in the gratitude stones! it's just something that keeps you grounded when you look at how lucky we are in this life!

  • Michael Michalowski

    The Secret also provide synchronicities and I'm smiling now because I see this site, let's call it a business site, dealing with the secret. I've found it some time before on the internet, heard, read, applied a bit of it .. and I can tell you: If I had gone straight 100% with truth and faith into the secret thing I wouldn't live at my Mom's house anymore. But until now I just have a beautiful girlfriend, hundreds of bugs coming to me as great life experiences which expand my horizon.

    Thank you for distribute the secret to others. It's the magic key :)

  • heatherwhite

    Great post Matt! I loved The Secret and actually studied under Bob Proctor for a couple years following the release of the movie & book. The key element in applying 'The Secret' is what I like to call 'inspired action'. As human beings we MUST take tangible action steps or nothing happens. Contemplation (the highest form of mental activity), also known as visualization starts the process, but, noticing what your subconscious, higher self, inner wisdom (it doesn't matter what you call it) nudges you to DO as a result of your visualization is what will make the biggest and quickest impact. Thanks again for sharing!

  • Jeremy Victor

    Try Reading: Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Originally published in the 30's. He studied the great leaders of the time and they all visualized their success.

  • MattWilsontv

    Marina, it's funny how the teachings in the book work–it makes you think of a lot of new things or at least reinforce old ideas that you haven't thought of in a while. I like thinking about the snowball effect–when you start looking for one good thing, you'll eventually find the next and when you credit your positive thinking for the good things happening in your life, things begin to gain momentum. Pretty cool. Plus, Rhonda Byrne is incredibly successful and a great story in herself.

  • Jared O'Toole

    Agreed heather. You have to take a tangible action step or nothing will happen! Nobody will do it for you. Knowing the secret is the confidence to push you to take that action and what will hold you up when things aren't looking so bright.

    Always believe you can make it happen!

  • MattWilsontv

    Hi Heather, I had never heard the term “inspired action”. I like it. If you put yourself in the mindset where you are going to get pumped up about your future, you visualize it and the steps that need to happen to get there. I don't do it often enough.

  • MattWilsontv

    Hi Jeremy, another one of my old favorites is The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

  • Joe Stampone

    Awesome post Matt. I visualize my success all the time and it just motivates me to work harder. After reading this post and listening to Garyvee's keynote at Gravity Summit, I have more motivation than I could ever need.

  • MattWilsontv

    Hi Michael, things like “the secret” keep popping up everywhere for a reason–there are countless success stories to accompany them. Hope U30 can continue to bring you quality content that makes you get up and make things happen!

  • MattWilsontv

    Hey Joe, my favorite is Gary V at Web 2 Expo NY. Jared and I saw him last year in person and were absolutely blown away by his enthusiasm. Gets me pumped just thinking about it. I think there are a ton of books that you can read to get you ready to go. The biggest thing for me is reading/hearing about others success and dreaming about my own.

  • Anon a Blogger

    Worst post ever.

    Do you really think that just thinking about something makes it come true? If that was the case, I'd be a bottle of Tequila. You have to actually do things. Work very hard. Have connections. Make sacrifices. It's not a secret. It's just real life and lots of people succeed.

    Ok, imagine if everyone in the world read the secret and followed it. Would there be no famine? No disease? No poor people? Not at all. Only 1% of the people have wealth because that's capitalism.

    Anyone who believes this is the biggest rube in the world. Don't let yourself be taken in my these immoral losers.

  • Jared O'Toole

    Well obviously it takes action. But believing is the first step. If you don't believe and have the confidence that you can succeed then no one else will ever believe you can be successful either.

    Working hard, connections and sacrifices happen because you believe in yourself and what your doing first.

  • Anon a Blogger

    So why not write about action? What you do, versus some stupid mysterious secret that everyone needs to know?

    This supposed “secret” is like prayer. Why not just tell people to pray to their favorite god and wait for good things to happen? Oh, it's pretty much the same, I guess.

    People who really believe the “secret” probably also believe in horoscopes, pyschics, faith healers, fung shue and other charlatans. Snake oil is snake oil, so don't fall for it.

    This is an embarrassing post and makes me question why I even read this site. I'll probably never visit again.

  • Jared O'Toole

    As I said believing is the 1st step. You don't invest in a company cause you think it will fail or walk up to a girl because you think they will shut you down. You do it because you first believe with no doubt in mind that you will be successful and then that confidence is what leads to more success with your actions.

    You have to walk before you can run.

  • dianawright

    I think it's good that you challenged this post. It's shows your true beliefs. I got to say though, it's not all about thinking that makes it come true. It really has to go along with that you think about something, focus on it, and take action…then and only then will the Universe align w/ what you want. But it doesn't always agree. Say it “plays God” or whatever reason, it will not always go your way. That's why you don't get your command pronto. And the thing about poor people…that's bogus to me. I truly believe that poor people make their own lives. They just need to get into the mindset to change their lives around. We've all heard of the “rags to riches” stories. Why not hear more, I say.

  • MattWilsontv

    As I said in the article, it doesn't matter if you believe in The Secret or not, what you need to do is take action–and action starts with visualizing the things you need to do to achieve your goal.

    If the people at the top of the capitalist game are visualizing their success and then going out and doing it, why wouldn't we write about it?

  • MattWilsontv

    Hi Diana, we are all up for writing controversial stuff, talking about things that make people think and evoke emotions and get people to make remarks. I think it's great that the article was challenged and I'm glad that people care enough to leave a comment.

    I am disappointed however that Anon a Blogger left a fake handle as their name, in my opinion that doesn't show their true beliefs if they can't stand behind them.

  • SlavIvanov

    I wonder if my desire for success made me read this post, which in turn got me to watch the movie, which taught me lots of stuff about positive thinking, which will eventually lead me to success?
    Just wondering :)

  • MattWilsontv

    Did you follow through on all this stuff? Is this an Under30CEO success story in the making??

  • SlavIvanov

    Hopefully it is.
    The law of attraction is a powerful concept, but I'm still learning. I can feel good things coming though.

  • MattWilsontv

    Nice, did you watch the DVD? Have you been using the secret?

  • SlavIvanov

    The movie was fine, even though it reminded me of an infomercial.
    And about “the secret”, I don't see it as the 'one size fits all' solution to everybody's problems as it's presented. But the combination of positive thinking, visualization and action is powerful nonetheless. IE the universe won't just align itself just to satisfy your desires, however you can align the universe to do so.

  • stevepohlit

    Good article Matt. Once a person understands they attract what they are vibrationally in tune with and accepts “I am responsible” then they can move to a place of creating vibrational alignment with what they want. There are a number of key points that I have found important to appreciate. Personally I focus on what I am intending to attract every day. Most of us have not been taught how to do this.

    Steve Pohlit, Founder

  • davidball

    *thumbs up*

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  • nrojisingh

    great for dreamers like me on the first stage that is dreaming.your secrets gave a boost to me and i could see my future to some extent.i always wanted to be a master,the boss of my own

  • nrojisingh

    great for dreamers like me on the first stage that is dreaming.your secrets gave a boost to me and i could see my future to some extent.i always wanted to be a master,the boss of my own

  • Nataliesusi

    This is a great book and changed my way of thinking drastically. I highly recommend it.

  • Sushrut Munje

    This is nice!