Writing a business email is something online entrepreneurs must learn to do if earning a long term online income is their goal.

If you are an online businessperson, and you are yet to build a email list, you are really losing out.

The money is in the list.

Let me share a life experience with you.

One of my old friends (a client of mine) contacted me 2 months ago and told me that the recent Google update affected him and he is so happy that he had kept a list. If he had not taken a step to build a list, do you think he will be happy to break the news?

Google is getting more deadly than ever. In fact, Google panda is not smiling (just kidding).

The only way you can save your business from this deadly update is by building a list of happy customers.

Anything can happen anytime. Your redeeming feature might be your list.

The point is, even if you have a huge list and you don’t know how to communicate with them, then it is the same as not building a list.

Here are five suggestions any internet marketer can use to compose an email that will make them grow their income and fatten their bank account.

1.    Be very brief

Try to keep your email short and simple.

People are too busy and won’t spend the bulk of their time reading your email. Composing a lengthy email will likely result to them ignoring your email.

Pro tip: Keep your email short and informative. Do not waste time. Be brief and go straight to the point.

2.     Engage readers

The best way to engage your subscribers and have them read your emails is to be very creative and imaginative. Here are two tips you can use to engage your readers:

2a. Make your headline catchy

Your headline is the main factor that will make your subscribers either read or delete your email.

Make it count. Writing an email headline is a very simple thing to do.  All you just need to do is to subscribe to some newsletters and study the way they craft their headlines.

Use their style but do not copy. Be creative. Arouse their interest. Make your headline promotional, emotional, and heart sucking!

Pro tip: People will not open your email if your headline is not captivating and persuasive enough.

2b. Create informative content

Take out time to write informative and persuasive contents. I mean quality contents that your subscribers will benefit from.

Know this- Money should not be the main reason you are building a list. Build a list because you want to add meaning to a customer’s life. Build a list because you want to touch lives and help people solve their problems. Your content can do that if you spend more time writing it.

Send at least, three to four emails to your subscribers every month and check their rate of responsiveness.

Pro tip: People will buy from you if they see that your service is worth more than their money!

3.     Make your links ‘clickable’

In your signature, include appropriate URLs for your product or blog.

Ensure that the links are functional. Let them find you in ‘one click’!

4.     Use simple English that even a 4 year old will understand

If your writing looks too formal or more like a science book, people will not read it.

Don’t make your writing look like a legal document. Write as you talk. Be creative. Be authentic. Use your real voice. Make your writing look simple and understandable.

People love it that way!

Pro tip: Don’t scare people from reading your email with your ‘barbarian’ English. You don’t need big English. Simple words will do

5.     Your format matters

Make your email easy to read by using numbered lists and bullets point. 2 to 3 sentence per paragraph will do. Highlight keywords for emphasis.

You own it all!

Yes. You own it all!

Apply these tips and measure your results. Keep looking for ways to please your subscribers. They are the reason you are still in business

What do you say?

What tips do you have in mind for writing an effective business email? Do you have any tips?

Let me know what you think in the comment section.

Daniel Adetunji is a freelance writer, blog writer, avid guest blogger, and ghostwriter who specialize in blog ghostwriting services to help business owners manage their blogs with quality and persuasive contents. He is also the owner of infowland. Daniel has helped mid-sized home business owners (online and offline) and corporate organizations grow their businesses and there’s no doubt he’ll help you do the same if you HIRE him!

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