Tips for Your StartupStarting your own business can be a very troublesome task. Finding the dedication and motivation to invest time and money in your business can be difficult, and especially since it’s a startup, it can be even more difficult since the success of your business is based on a small chance.

However, over the past decade, the number of people who have managed to start off with successful businesses from minute setups has increased greatly, which has resulted in more startups than ever before. Companies such as Groupon and Facebook started off on a very small scale, and then slowly rose to break through the business barrier, finding their place as some of the top businesses in the world.

However, if you are looking to start up your own business, there are some things that you need to know. Taking the path commonly treaded by will usually result in failure, so here are 5 unconventional ideas for your startup that might help you gain success:

Create a powerful vision for your business

Most businesses fail because even the owners don’t know where they want to see the business five to ten years from now. Sure, everybody wants to see their business succeed but to have a specific position to reach is something that has a major effect.

A goal can totally change the way you look at options and ideas for your business, and will have a major impact on your employees as well. Therefore, create a vision and mission statement for your business, and hang it up everywhere.

Ask your employees for ideas

The key to a successful business is to have a healthy relation with your employees. As long as you maintain a fruitful relation with your employees, business productivity will remain at a maximum, because workers will be more motivated and dedicated in working with you.

Ask them for ideas and allow them to make contributions in the business as it will really help lift up the mood within the office and will make your employees think of you with a lot more respect. The one reason that most businesses fail is because their creativity is limited to one or two people behind the scenes. Rather than over burdening yourself or taking on too much responsibility, learn to delegate.

Invest in white boards

Companies like Google and Microsoft have large scale offices in which there are massive boards where people can just write down whatever comes to their mind. By writing down ideas, people are able to work on them later on for better purposes. Ideas don’t come about after knocking, they just drop in to a person’s heads. And, unless there is something for them to write them down, these ideas will be forgotten. By investing in white boards, you give your employees the freedom to brainstorm and come up with plans on their own, before they place it before you.

Launch the product early

By launching your product early, you effectively make sure of the fact that you will be able to make improvements later on. Until and unless people have had to use the product, they won’t be able to tell you what they want from it, or how you can improve it. Therefore, launch early and then work from the feedback you get.

Offer lucrative retirement plans

Even when you are under 30 if you want to get dedicated and motivated employees who not only think about benefitting themselves from the job, but also work to improve the image of your business, you are going to have to give the employees some decent benefits. One of them is a retirement plan, which will help you keep your employees for a longer period of time. People prefer to work more with companies that think in the long term and have a properly drawn out aim to work with, which is why these retirement plans will go a long way.

These are five unconventional ideas that your startup can get great advantages from, and if you are able to establish your business and incorporate these ideas in to it from the get go, success might not be so difficult to get in the long run.

Guy Ashcer is a business consultant and has helped many small businesses flourish during these tough economic times. He writes for where you can find and compare many annuity providers who you could use to offer your employees a more secure future.

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