Top 7 Websites to Submit Your Startup Company to for Free Publicity : Under30CEO Top 7 Websites to Submit Your Startup Company to for Free Publicity : Under30CEO
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Top 7 Websites to Submit Your Startup Company to for Free Publicity

| December 19, 2010 | 33 Comments

announcement-megaphoneEntrepreneurs are always looking for an easy way to make a big PR splash.  If you are a local business that only serves a specific geographic area, then your local newspaper is still probably your best option for some free publicity.  On the other hand, if you offer a product or service that is available in multiple locations or via the Internet, then you must consider the following websites in which to submit your company to, and gain free publicity.

7.  StartupWizz was founded in 2009 as a place for entrepreneurs and investors to stay informed about startups on the web. The goal of startupwizz is to find some of the most disruptive, niche and interesting startups that their peers and investors want to know about.

6.  GreatStartups writes about startups entering the market with growth potential or startups that have already been keyed as success stories. They also will cover startups that may be having problems or simply did not succeed due to various reasons.  They note that some of the startups written about are not necessarily “great”, however, they do posses a quality that may be appealing to various readers.

5. is a user driven internet startups community. Entrepreneurs, investors, and bloggers stay informed on up-and-coming internet startups using this blog platform, where internet entrepreneurs submit their startup to see what others think about it.

4. is dedicated to helping start-ups and developing businesses market their product or service. By joining you will be able to list your business for free.

3. is a blog that helps online startups navigate through emerging technologies and marketing opportunities to succeed.

2.  ExecutivePlan not only reviews new startup businesses on its widely read blog, it also aims to help entrepreneurs raise startup capital.  They offer a number of free guides, articles, and videos on how to write an executive summary to raise capital from angel investors and venture capitalists

1.  Squidoo: Submit your startup website link on this simple website.  Allows you to simply submit a link to your website with a 2 sentence description instead of a long application process.  Then each week one startup will be chosen and featured on a widely read blog.

Simply put, entrepreneurs need free publicity to get the word out about their startup company.  Make sure to utilize all 7 of these resources to generate major buzz around your company without spending a dime.

Adam Hoeksema is the Founder & CEO of ExecutivePlan, which offers entrepreneurs extensive guides, templates and articles to help create more powerful, effective, and memorable business plan executive summaries.  Access our free 11 page guide on How to Write a Powerful Executive Summary today at

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  • Jensbiz

    Nice list. Some of these sites (i.e. Squidoo, Killerstartups) get great traffic. The others all seem to be ‘startups’ themselves with very few readers. I’ve used many times and they seem to be the best but I’ve also learned that is also accepting free startup submissions.

  • StartUpLift

    I would also encourage your readers to check out StartUpLift ( where you are able to get your startup featured (for free) and receive feedback.

  • Sarah Cook

    Great list of resources to help get your business publicity!

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this list of great resources! Even if the site has only a few readers, it’s at least some visibility for your startup that you wouldn’t have had before. There are so many great unknown companies out there that just need their 15 minutes of fame to make them a household name. I also recommend checking out as another resource for spreading the word about your startup.

  • Tammy Kahn Fennell

    Thanks for this! I”ll be submitting my company, today!

  • Anonymous

    Great list, I just wanted to let your readers know that they can also submit your startup to Tech Cocktail here:

    Tech Cocktail ( has been covering startups since 2006 and hosts events in a number of cities that offer early stage companies a chance to show off their latest innovations.

  • Rayhan Chowdhury

    StartupTunes is a new but exclusive startup review blog. You may try to submit your startups in our blog. We will review you startup if it meets our requirements. For submission please try

    Btw, we only write review on quality startups having good prospects.

  • Rayhan Chowdhury

    StartupTunes is now ported on its own domain. Please submit your great startup here

  • Mark Moeller

    This is a great list to get a startup off to a great beginning!!
    Mark Moeller

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  • RalphG

    You may want to checkout Rate My Startup – as a place to submit your startup 

  • Arahmed
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  • Jackie

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  • Prabhat Shankar

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  • tabb

    Great list! Thanks!

  • tabb

    Great list! Thanks!

  • Kenson Goo

    Awesome list! My team was trying to get some exposure and
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  • Jelle

    Also check out AppAppeal, a popular web app directory. You can find the submission form here:

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  • Paul

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  • Andy Slater

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  • Zoltan Laczo

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