What’s the best day of the week to book flights?  What should you do if your airline miles are expiring?  Can you actually automate your business so you can work from anywhere?  If you have asked yourself these questions than you have to listen to my next podcast with Jamie Zeller to get some insider tips.

Jamie Zeller Under30Experiences

Jamie is an Under30Experiences alum (he came with us to Costa Rica in 2013), CEO of Rack Your Board, author of The Travel Hacking Pocket Guide.

Jamie was living the 9 to 5 life until he just couldn’t take selling products he didn’t believe in anymore.  He quit his job and signed up for our Costa Rica trip, which was the first time he traveled outside the US without any personal connections.

Under30Experiences Costa Rica


Since then he hasn’t stopped learning and now has a business that he can run from anywhere. In our conversation, Jamie explains everything from what drop shipping is to how to optimize SEO for your online business (hint it’s not about being the highest bid for the most popular keyword).

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Some key takeaways:

“Once you get too much into your comfort zone in a place, it’s not a bad idea to just get out.”

“It [travel] made me realize that time is a lot more valuable than money is.”

“Especially when you’re young, you don’t have to be so oriented and career focused…There’s plenty of time to save for retirement.”

“You have to keep educating yourself. As you get older and want to accomplish more, you need to teach yourself how to do it.”

“You have to hit customers a few times before they buy.”

“It teaches you that you don’t always have to be occupied with something.  You can take some time just to think.”

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Jamie and I discuss lots of great resources; here are a few if you’re interested:

Google Flights

Sky Scanner

GTFO (Get The Flight Out)


The Flight Deal

The Points Guy

The Frugal Traveler


We wrap up the podcast talking about Jamie’s experience attending an Ayahuasca ceremony in Costa Rica.

The ceremony is a cleansing ritual that is used to help people recover from traumatic experiences or help shed layers of themselves to come into full potential.  It’s intense and you don’t want to miss what Jamie learned about himself and how he’s incorporating the clarity into his life.


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Image Credit: Shaina Koren Cinematography