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Dear Entrepreneur: Uncertainty is Natural

| August 8, 2013 | 22 Comments


Response to a post by a newly minted entrepreneur on facing everyday blues and uncertainty in the first 6 months.

Dear Entrepreneur,

The fun thing is that you never know whether you’re on the right track or not. It is living life in small moments and the bigger picture at the same time.

You’re On A Trek

Imagine you’re on a trek. Keep looking at the peak every now and then. Are you nearer to it then you were before? If yes, keep focusing on the path, or make one that seems right. If the peak seems farther that it was before, realize which was the wrong turn and undo it. Ensure your team stays together, ensure all of them want the peak. Ensure each one of you wants to share the load while making your way to the top by sharing food and water among yourselves equally. The peak is the BIG PICTURE and your immediate path stands for the everyday challenges. Roadblock? Find a way. Thirsty? Find a stream. Leopard in your way? Knock it out (killing is cruel). One team member behaving like a douche? Show him the way down. Douche villager who is rude while showing the way? Still be polite (burn no bridges).

Losing steam? Look at the peak again! Breathe the friggin’ mountain air! Look at your strong legs, look at the clouds, look at the innocent birds chirping happily all around you- the world loves you. You love yourself. And you’re so strong that you’ve made it so far. You chose the mountain. You chose your team. You chose the path- built it, I’d say. You’ve settled in your niche, you know your purpose, you know where you’re headed. LOOK AT THE PEAK! And it will all make sense.

Uncertainty is Natural

Because no one is driving your life but you. You never know that you’re on the right track till the short term goals get fulfilled. Set milestones, they help you know that you’re on the right track. Product reached a certain stage? Good. People/Mentors appreciate the progress? Good. Team still motivated enough? Good. You figure out how you’ll make money? Good.


Understand the reason why you feel you’re back at Square One. Is it the progress at the project? Is it lack of team cohesion? Is it lack of financial security? If yes, then get things in order. List them, sort them out. Make sure the startup grows slowly but steadily. Is it purely emotional? Speak about it to your family, your better half. Feel loved.

The First Year Is Often Slow

It always is, because you’re out in the cold, trying to build something and making tonnes of mistakes. But you learn so darn much then, that helps you accelerate in the next year and after that. So don’t worry that you’re taking time, you’re learning in the process. But DO NOT get complacent and DO NOT take things as they come. You might need to initiate and lead and create and execute.

Where Is This Coming From?

From numerous conversations I’ve had with fellow business people, my own experience (2 years out in the cold till date), a number of blogs online and wonderful books I’ve read. You’re not alone, but you gotta do what you gotta do :)

Kick ass. Best wishes.

Sushrut Munje – Founder & MD at Hammer & Mop, a premium cleaning services company based in Mumbai (India). In love with efficiency and animals. Writes a non-commercial editorial series for StartupCentral on customer service insights.

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  • Tyson Hartnett

    Sushrut, I completely know what you mean. In my vision, I would create my business, and people would flock to it, it would go viral, and thousands of people would buy my material. But, well, that’s not the way it works.
    I now know that it is a slow process, but every day I hope to build it bigger and bigger. Maybe a few more facebook fans than the day before, or another few people to the email list. It really is like climbing a mountain, and the only way you know where you’re going is to follow the peak above you.

  • Susie

    very motivational!!! needed this to get me going today! THANKS

  • Sushrut Munje

    Thanks Susie, glad you liked it!

  • Sushrut Munje

    Thanks Tyson. I agree. Best wishes for the peak! :)

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  • Mike Darche

    I agree, this is exactly what I needed to read today too.. Great thoughts Sushrut! I think visualizing the peak is a great way to make all of your problems seem smaller in the greater scheme of things. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lory Zhang

    Well written.just realized we live in a rapid changing environment,nothing. Is for certain

  • Sushrut Munje

    Thank you, Mike! Cheers!

  • Sushrut Munje

    Just like the finicky weather at high altitude. Gosh, the fun :) Thanks!

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  • Darren Magarro

    Sushrut, I am 6 years in and people laughed at our little marketing agency in 2007. Your words resonate and I’m having flashbacks to times where I thought I made a mistake. THEN, you either fight through or quit. Fighting is so much more fun (in a relative sense) and achieving small milestones are so key to the process. Its cliche but how would we ever appreciate success if we didn’t taste hardship. Keep killin’ (again relative) brother. Work hard and play hard. Your words, “The peak is the BIG PICTURE and your immediate path stands for the everyday challenges. Roadblock? Find a way. Thirsty? Find a stream. Leopard in your way? Knock it out (killing is cruel)” resonate hard. Well written and thoughtful.

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  • Sushrut Munje

    haha thanks Darren. Your words took me back to the early days too. Cheers.

  • cesar romero

    Sushrut, great article man and thank you for reminding us all that uncertainty will always be there but what matters is that you believe in your future and keep moving forward. One inch at a time. All we have to do is show up everyday and give our best shot.

  • Sushrut Munje

    Bingo. Power to you, Cesar!

  • Nivesh Kotian

    Inspiring ,motivating , enthralling verdict ….keep up the gud work buddy…Power to u..:P…

  • Alan

    Thanks, up at 4am (New Zealand time!) and exchanging ideas with an ex-classmate of mine that has moved to Australia – or “across the ditch” as it is commonly referred to down under(!) – your article puts both our paths into perspective again … and makes it so worth continuing the journey.

    I’ve got a new venture I’m trying (about a year in the cold, after a previous venture has done its due course and now into a whole new one as a result), and I just know I’ve been able to conquer some lists you refer to where one takes stock and then sorts out what needs to be sorted head on – all this and more is inching me closer to my own peak …

    I’m really liking your advice on not being complacent and the need to initiate where things look like they’re diverting from the path …

    And I’ve certainly had ideas in the past that I’ve tried seriously hard to get pushed (right to the point of having venture funding meetings, and lengthy periods of collaborating with others) and I’ve variously seen those ideas get trashed or dismissed as “too soon” (this has happened a number of times, where I’ve pitched to people who were more in the frame of wanting things to happen now rather than take a longer and more ‘big picture’ approach), and then lo and behold a few years later, some other business proposes the same things – but they get successful. My consolation: I knew my ideas were valid at the time, and hey someone else got a success out of it, but in some way it did vindicate my original enthusiasm even if it didn’t pan out for me personally. The task is always picking up after such things happen.

    But i really feel like I can pick up again and again despite those trials …

    So, I’m going to share this with her as I think this is some great advice for – as intimated in my first paragraph – keeping on keeping up the good fight so to speak!

    Thanks for helping to rev me up with a new bout of enthusiasm, kind of like a shot in the arm – I totally think I can get some sleep now!!!!

  • Ariel Golan

    Bang on and right on the spot…
    Thank you for sharing…
    Ariel Golan

  • Sushrut Munje

    haha thanks Nivesh :)

  • Sushrut Munje

    Dear Alan, I’m reading your reply at 12:25 am (India time) and it has motivated me to get back and complete my pending tasks before a hectic week starts! It was good reading about your journey and I’m glad you’re keeping at it. Best wishes, power to you :)

  • Sushrut Munje

    Cheers Ariel :)

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