As you may know we are holding our Under30CEO Awards for folks within in 30 miles of the following cities New York, Boston, Chicago, Kansas City, New Orleans, Austin, Seattle, Washington D.C., Boulder, San Francisco.

The Under30CEO Awards will discover and highlight 300 young entrepreneurs in the 10 select cities. These winners will be seen over 500,000 times by Under30CEO readers and our partners as companies to watch in the coming years.

To qualify you must have at least $50,000 in revenues or funding or over 10,000 users. All industries are encouraged to apply!

To apply, check out the Under30CEO Awards

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about what folks outside of these areas can do.

Well we’ve got a great opportunity for you.  Our good friends at Empact, have a list called The Empact100 that recognizes the top entrepreneurs in the country who are 30 and under with over $100,000 in revenue or non-profits with at least $100,000 in yearly operating budget. It’s a testament to the impact entrepreneurs make on our economy and an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Combined, the 2011 Empact100 List of companies contributed over 2,700 jobs to the economy and controlled $374 million in revenue.

The top 100 applicants will be recognized at the White House on Friday September 28th

Applications for the 2012 Empact Showcase close on August 7th. That’s Today!  So make sure you get your application in before midnight tonight.

To apply, go to

For more information on the Empact100 you can visit