In honor of social media week, Under30CEO’s expert of the week is blogger and stock trader Timothy Sykes.  Tim started his hedge fund at Tulane University turning $12,415 into $1.65 million but the real kicker is that he makes more money online than he does in the stock market.  Tim is the co-founder of, a community of over 7,500 traders who share their performance and trades openly to help each other learn & improve and a community of over 15,000 investors and traders who have reviewed over 10,000 financial products.  Tim is a true pro on social media because he doesn’t just use it to build his brand; he actually makes money from it.  

Get Your Tough Questions Answered

At Under30CEO we know that the most successful people are those who can ask the tough questions of themselves and of others when building a business.  To get the answers to the toughest questions you have about your business Under30CEO has teamed up with G+ and their database of 300,000 CEOs, executives, consultants and experts to help get business owners credible and informative answers to your questions.

The theme on the Under30CEO G+ forum will be social media and blogging as Tim is coming out with his book “Blog Millionaire: How I Made $5 Million With Only 1,000 Readers” and will be our speaker in New York on Wednesday, February 15th at the Empire State Building.

How to Ask Your Question

Please make the question specific to your business/industry in particular. 

Good example: I run a service based business, what are the best ways to get funding for this type of model?
Bad example: What do you think of the Facebook IPO?

Click here to ask your question about Social Media and Blogging.

Take advantage of this opportunity and get your toughest questions answered by our panel of experts and come check out Tim at our Entrepreneur Matchmaking event.