Hey Under30CEO Readers, it’s been a while.

For the past three years we’ve fought the battles of entrepreneurship right along side of you.  Our mission since launch in 2009 was to help inspire young entrepreneurs and help get their businesses to the next level.  We’re proud to say that we now reach 300k unique young entrepreneurs every month.  That’s a lot of leaders starting new businesses, developing their skills, and making impact on economies and communities across the globe.

Now our mission has grown…exponentially.

Mission Under30Finance:  Help young people get out of debt and succeed financially.

Mission Under30CareersHelp young people accelerate their careers and do something they are passionate about.

Plain and simple, if we can help people succeed in this niche market of young people starting a businesses, we can make even greater impact working with the millions of young people struggling with their careers and finances.

…and an even crazier mission yet:

Under30Experiences: Our Insider’s Community

Through our crazy journey of inspiring young people, hundreds of interviews, speaking tours, media appearances, hosting events around the world, keg parties in the Empire State Building… we’ve settled on one thing: entrepreneurship is an experience.  

We all know money isn’t the end game, but the experience and ability to make impact that the freedom can create is.

It’s time to give our VIP Level Under30CEO Readers those experiences…

This past year we’ve hosted two amazing gatherings of elite young entrepreneurs in the backcountry of Iceland in conjunction with the Startup Iceland Conference and the US Embassy.  Now, this December it’s time to give our most dedicated Under30CEO Insiders the opportunity to travel abroad and learn about businesses that make impact.

Under30Experiences: GREEN Business Tour Costa Rica

Costa Rica is ranked not only as the world’s happiest place, but also the greenest.  Coincidence?  We think not.

Through this exclusive Under30CEO Experience trip you’ll have an inside look at learning…

-How Costa Rica became a leader in clean technology and alternative energy
-Why real estate investors are betting on this tropical paradise at the heart of eco-tourism
-From some of the world’s most forward thinkers in sustainability
-How Costa Rica plans to become the first nation to be carbon neutral by 2021
-How lifelong friendships are formed through our global community of entrepreneurial minded thinkers
-Why Costa Rica is Time Magazine’s Happiest Country 

We only have 20 spots available to our Under30CEO Insiders and they will sell out fast.

Please visit Under30Experiences.com and fill out the quick form so we can send you more information and answer any questions you might have about becoming an Under30CEO Insider.

See you on the beach this December.

–Under30CEO Co-founders
Matt Wilson and Jared O’Toole