voteIt is time to look back on 2010 and look at some of the most successful young entrepreneurs of the year. Please take a minute to cast your vote as to who you think is the most successful under 30 ceo of the past year. Remember to take in to account their companies revenue, user base, funding and overall impact of what they are doing on the world.

The final list will be published the first week of January.

You can submit your vote here:


  1. Who is the most successful Under 30 CEO in 2010
  2. Or leave a comment below this post with your vote. Feel free to rank your top 3!

Note: Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Andrew Mason (Groupon) have been left off the voting form because they will skew the results. This vote will be used mainly to rank #3 – #30.

  • Matt Mullenweg – WordPress
  • Naveen Selvadural – Foursquare
  • Ryan Allis – iContact
  • Garry Tan – Posterous
  • Alexander Levin – ImageShack
  • Sean Belnick – Bizchair
  • Aodhan Cullen – Statcounter
  • Matt Mickiewicz –, and
  • Pete Cashmore – Mashable
  • Blake Ross – Mozilla
  • Justine Ezarik – iJustine
  • Cathrine and David Cook –
  • Trip Adler – Scribd
  • Gurbaksh Chahal – Gwallet
  • Eric Koger & Susan Gregg Koger – Modcloth
  • Dan Yue, Chris Wang, Ling Xiao – Playdom
  • Ben Lerer – Thrillist
  • Michael Seibel, Emmett Shear, and Kyle Vogt –
  • Anthony Volodkin – Hypemachine
  • Tristan Harris, Can Sar, and Jesse Young – Apture
  • David Karp – Tumblr
  • Emily Olson, Rob LaFave, and Nik Bauman –
  • Sam Lessin –
  • Aaron Levie –
  • Nick Friedman – C0llege Hunks Hauling Junk

Feel free to nominate someone if you do not see them listed!