There has been a stagnant vibe in America that has pushed many spirited individuals to reinvent their careers by starting their own business. These entrepreneurs can boast that they became their own boss, and took a leap of faith.  They are different ages and come from a wide array of backgrounds but they share two common goals; ownership and success.  Some were opportunistic and found a need in the market while others made the bold move to finally carve a career path out of their passion.

Interested in starting your own company? It doesn’t need to take decades of planning and you don’t need to put every dime you have ever earned into it. By simplifying the process through an easily solved equation you can turn what seems daunting into something that is attainable. You don’t need to be a math guru; here is the simple formula to follow:

1.) Passion + Drive


Passion + Drive will get you through the hard times and hiccups.

Talent isn’t the basis for starting a business, passion is. Without passion about what you are doing, the project is sure to fail; it is dead where it stands. Passion is what provides your company with the legs it needs to get off and running.

Are you an avid reader who loves the scent of a fresh novel or the feeling of an original edition? A used book store or online book trading company might be a perfect match for you.  Some people are very passionate about money and the competitive fire that burns within you while trying to make it. No shame in that! These people make great opportunistic businesses. Their passion is planting a bean stock, watering it, and watching it grow. It is about more than pursuing a trade that you are familiar with, in fact many entrepreneurs didn’t know much about their industry when they started, but they had the desire to learn about it, and even more importantly the drive to succeed at it.

2.) Organization + Vision


Organization + Vision keep your business on the right track.    

Whether stepping out of your 9 to 5 routine or working again after a lull in your schedule, there are always going to be risks involved with starting your own business. Once you have found your niche is when you should begin visualizing your company and mapping out the goals which will serve as the foundation. Foundations can shift, and as your company begins taking shape, your goals may change, but don’t neglect this steps importance. Without the foundation of goals your company is sure to float away. They give your company the oxygen it will need to survive; they give it A FIGHTING CHANCE!

3.) Networking + Learning

Networking + Learning will give your business credibility


Getting serious about making this happen? Now is the time to branch out and learn as much as possible from other entrepreneurs. Consider them valuable resources and reach out to them in any capacity available. Set up meetings with acquaintances who have started their own successful companies. Pick their brain and find out what makes their company tick. Every business owner has advice on loop holes and fast tracks, listen to them, they have been there. After gathering this information, look in the mirror and ask yourself, “is this for me?” Whatever the driving forces behind your entrepreneurship endeavor, your needs as a new company and the resources available to you will be the same as companies who came before.

Assuming the risk of establishing your own company can have mind boggling return when it comes to career satisfaction. A satisfied owner makes a happy company. Your reward probably won’t be determined by just one brilliant idea that you cash in on, but instead by your desire to grow, your craving to build, and your aptitude to evolve. Those are the unwavering ingredients that determine the entrepreneurship spirit. So, what are you waiting for?

By John Williams. President & Founder of

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