This summer I decided to read the Hunger Games series.  As I read the books, I became fascinated with the story.  The Hunger Games is about a teenage girl by the name of Katniss Everdeen who not only wins the Hunger Games but leads a revolution.  Katniss is from district 12, which is the most unfortunate district in Panem.  Despite the odds against her, she wins the Hunger Games and at the same time, sparks movement amongst the people of Panem.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from this story.  When we enter the industry, it will be like entering the “hunger games.”  Like Katniss, we could be overwhelmed with the odds against us, but become a victor in the games.  These are some of the things I have learned from the Hunger Games series that I know will help other aspiring entrepreneurs.


Katniss has demonstrated bravery by joining the games to save her younger sister.  She has put her life endanger numerous of times to save the people she cared for.  She even went against the establishment to save a nation.  Despite being threatened and having a lot of people killed, she fought for freedom.  As aspiring entrepreneurs, we must be fearless.  Be brave to do something that others may see as impossible.  Don’t let the industry intimidate you.  You are a creator of a solution like anyone else in that industry.  If people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or even Mark Zuckerberg gave up when things got difficult, the tech industry would be probably inexistent.   They would not open doors for other tech entrepreneurs.

Be Influential

Katniss becomes the most influential person in the nation of Panem.  She creates a brand when she wins the Hunger Games.  It starts when a friend gives her a pin to wear in the Hunger Games to remind her of district 12.  The pin resembles the legendary mockingjay (a bird that is important in the story).  When she wins, the mockingjay becomes a raving symbol of victory.  However, it also becomes the symbol of freedom.  As a result, Katniss is called the “mockingjay” of the rebellion.    This brand influences the people of Panem to fight for freedom of oppression.  In her journey, she meets people who have been affected by the torture of the Capitol (the government) and influences them by giving them hope.  In other words, Katniss herself becomes the symbol of revolution, freedom and hope.

As aspiring entrepreneurs, you should understand the importance of creating a strong brand.  This brand must be something that people would want to become a part of.  It’s good to have people who want to pay you for something, but it’s great to have people want to become a part of your brand.  When you do this, you don’t have to worry about convincing people to buy your product or service.

Be Yourself

In the story, Katniss is forced to change her appearance for the games and for the rebellion.  But what she realizes is that people grow attracted to her by her humility.  When people watched her risk her life for people she cared about, they became in love with her.   Despite all the physical changes she was forced to go through to become of the capitol’s and rebellion’s standards, she never changed her personality for anyone else.

It is okay to be yourself when you are marketing your brand.  Yes, it is always important to be professional, but it is even more important to stay true to yourself.


Katniss Everdeen is a young teenage girl who goes against the establishment for the greater good.  The antagonists in the story do everything they can to hinder her from fighting for freedom.  This includes killing and torturing people that she cared for.   As she continues her fight against the Capitol and watches the people she cared for perish, she learns that quitting and failure is not an option for her.  Too many people relied on her to succeed.  That was enough inspiration for her to continue her journey.

Along the way you may have people tell you that your idea will never work.  But if you are passionate, then there is no reason why your idea would fail.  You must not be afraid to dream big, but at the same time you must be realistic.  Understand that as entrepreneurs, you are also world changers, innovators, inventors, creators, and visionaries.  Doing something amazing should be the reason why you must continue on your entrepreneurial venture.  Persistence is the key to success.

Never underestimate yourself.  Katniss Everdeen thought that she was a teenage girl from a poor area that could not amount to anything.  But she became the most influential person in her country.  Despite the hardships she went through, she became a hero.  As a young entrepreneur, you can be like Katniss Everdeen.  You can be a hero.  You can create a story for your brand.

Stephanie Ezeugo is an emerging social entrepreneurial leader in Dallas.  Visit and also, follow her on twitter at @stephEZEugo.