Recently MSN’s Business on Main published a great piece titled “9 Ways to Approach Anonymous Haters Online“. The article asked 9 business leaders ‘What is your advice to other entrepreneurs in dealing with anonymous, negative posts online?’

We’ve all dealt with haters online. It comes with the territory whether its through email, social media or that blog comment left by that un-named person. It’s important to address these haters even if you don’t want to, but there are right and wrong ways to do it. You also have to recognize when someone should simply be ignored because at the end of the day they are just wasting you and your businesses time.

Some tips include:

– “One can point them in the right direction or give them some advice. Those who aren’t looking for or are not open to advice can simply be ignored. If an entrepreneur spends all his time trying to fight haters, he’s wasting his time and, essentially, letting the haters win.”

– “Take in the good and bad … embrace both, reflect on both internally, but never act on the negative. It is good to have a trusting soundboard or two to complain about negativity to, but never let it spawn out of control.”

– There’s no point in focusing on haters. Focus, instead, on building great businesses and persevering.”

Read the rest of the tips in the full article

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