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What People Really Want Out of Life: Excitement

| May 16, 2013 | 11 Comments

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Everyday at Under30CEO we try to help young people get what they really want out of life.  For some it’s money, power, and fame, for others it’s time to spend with friends and family, still others embrace the journey and continue to search for what happiness might mean to them…

Last week my friend Marcella Chamorro who joined us in her home country of Nicaragua for our Under30Experiences trip, interviewed me for her new book Life Is What I Say It Is.  When Marcella asked me what my definition of freedom was, I told her: “doing what I want, when I want, with the people I want.”  

Does Freedom = Happiness?

While the above equation doesn’t always prove true, there is one thing that people want more than anything:  excitement.

As a person who has worked really hard to achieve a lot of freedom in my life, I have had the opportunity to spend seven months abroad this year… and I’ll tell you– there was hardly a dull moment.  My writing and creativity improved, my sense of self was challenged, my perspective on the world changed… I always thought it was cliche to think that travel can open one up to so many possibilities, but once I went abroad head-first, I finally got it…

So What Now?

While being abroad away from my friends, family, and business for the rest of my life isn’t sustainable, (remember: my definition of freedom also included: with the people I want) I still seek this inspiration and excitement in my life that travel has provided.  But how do I keep it up?  If this excitement is really what I want out of life, how do I keep it up?

Everyday I want to be challenged.  I want to be pushed out of my comfort zone.  I want to see new places and try new things.  I want to be in a creative environment.  I want new experiences.  And I want the positive energy of ambitious young people around me.

Sounds like starting a business doesn’t it?

Yup, you guessed it; that’s why we are starting a travel business.  You may have heard of the four Under30CEO trips we’ve run, which brought together awesome, entrepreneurial minded people in far off lands.  Well, our assumptions have been validated and the young professionals from every continent who have attended agree.  So, it’s time for us to officially spin off our Under30Experiences brand into a travel company.

We’re Not a Travel Company, We’re an Experience Company

The things above: new challenges, reaching beyond your comfort zone, seeing new places, trying new things, inspiring a creative environment, new experiences, and positive energy from ambitious young people is exactly what we’re trying to create.  Not only for the personal and professional development for everyone who works at the company, but also for the attendees of our trips.  It’s our mission to create this type of environment for young professionals, exposing them to the world, and letting Under30Experiences be the launching pad for their next big moves…

Let me stop the pitch there, and bring it back to value driven content you can apply to your everyday life.

The experience I had across seven countries in seven months was truly a lifetime worth of excitement.  And my life’s goal?  To pack in as many awesome experiences as possible.  You might have heard me tell the story about the day I realized that entrepreneurship was going to be my vehicle to get these experiences…

I was 19, at the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization National Conference.  I just had dinner at the same table as Herb Kelleher, Founder of Southwest Airlines, and Steve Wozniak, Co-founder of Apple.  My mind was blown.  I wandered over to reflect by the pool, when a student from Manitoba decided to tell me how this conference changed his life…

“I realized something this weekend,” he told me.  “At the end of the day, life is all about experiences.  Some people collect art, some people want money… but when my time has run out, I want my life to be about the accumulation of stories…and entrepreneurship is going to be my vehicle to do that.”

All to create more experiences for others.

We believe “life is all about the experience” and that the experiences we have in life make up who we are today.  We hope that giving the opportunity to see the world and plot our generation’s next big moves will exhilarate a more creative, inspired generation.

To win a trip to Costa Rica please sign up to our members-only community at Under30Experiences.com.

Matt Wilson is Co-founder of Under30Media and Adventurer in Residence at Under30Experiences.  

About the Author: Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson is co-founder of Under30CEO. After two years traveling and working from his laptop, Matt's official title became Adventurer in Residence, heading up Under30Media's travel company Under30Experiences. If Matt is around he will be easy to spot as his long luxurious hair is generally flowing freely in the breeze.

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  • http://twitter.com/JustinTymes Justin Tymes


    Great to see you taking this to the next level. I had a blast in Nicaragua with the group and hope to catch up with you in either NY or abroad soon! For those of you looking for a chance to grow, explore, and interact with others driven people in a unique place, this is the way to do it!

  • http://under30ceo.com MattWilsontv

    Thanks Justin– really appreciate your support. We have an awesome community right now, and I couldn’t be happier with how close everyone has become since the trip. Sorry you can’t make it to happy hour in New York tonight. Chicago meetup this summer?

  • http://twitter.com/Romero866 cesar romero

    I truly see Under30Experiences becoming, not a company, but a movement where every member of the community is full of positive energy and with genuine intentions to help others on their entrepreneurial journey.

  • http://thecruziest.com/ Steven Cruz


    Love the passion behind the writing! As another person who was lucky enough to have this experience, I can easily say it will be one of the most memorable moments of my life. Everything you said is exactly how I want to live my life. There are too many people always telling people like us, entrepreneurs that it is just not possible or to be realistic, but this trip does an amazing job lighting the spark back into your dream. It connects you with a group of individuals who have the exact same mindset as yourself … some even serving as living proof! While I’ve added new faces to my professional network, I think it’s safe to say I’ve added some great friends too … friends who I can use to look for support to eventually live the dream.

  • http://under30ceo.com MattWilsontv

    Hey Steven, hearing such positive feedback after our trip to Nicaragua has been amazing, but to see how close friends everyone has become is even cooler. We did some celebrating tonight at our Nicaragua reunion to kick things off for Under30experiences–wish you could have made it.

    Looking forward to the launch party June 12. Thanks again for the support!

  • http://www.callboxinc.com/ Julie Dawn Harris

    This is a good news for everyone. Well, excitement starts when we learn not to live in our comfort zone and with this set up business minded people were able to share their ideas and perception. It’s going to be a win-win activity. Thanks for sharing the positive vibes with us Matt. :)

  • http://twitter.com/JustinTymes Justin Tymes


  • http://under30ceo.com MattWilsontv

    Hey Julie, I completely agree– real excitement begins, where your comfort zone ends. Glad you enjoyed the article, thanks for dropping a comment!

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  • http://www.online-business-virtual-assistant.com Shily-Virtual Office Assistant

    “Does freedom=happiness” – I too think it’s not very true. Sometimes you get happiness in very little things. For me when I am working I feel very happy and satisfied. Travelling also add lots of fresh energy. I am glad to read your experience.