whitehouse entrepreneursCNN reported that the White House brought together a group of young innovators for a day of collaboration this week. The over 70 young innovators were gathered from various startup companies big and small from across the country.

The White House realized the ability for young people to create new solutions to old problems and also move on these ideas quicker than traditional methods. The article stated “Legislation can take years, but the next-gen leaders who met at the White House can move mountains with a quick phone call, or even a tweet.”

This forward movement by the government is good to see. Often young people no matter how successful are overlooked by the people with the most power. This gathering will hopefully be one of many to follow not only by the White House but by other organizations. “Our future rests in the hands of this nation’s next generation of leaders, and their ability to successfully empower communities to create, elevate, and sustain community solutions,” Buffett said.

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