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Why Fear is Good as an Entrepreneur

| August 31, 2010 | 13 Comments

entrepreneur fearWhat is Fear? It’s an emotion, a feeling, and although traditionally fear has been despised and fearlessness has been appreciated, I believe fear just like every other emotion has its own purpose in life and hence it should be equally respected. Napoleon Hill, in his 1934 book Think and Grow Rich names six basic fears that hold us back from success:  fear of failure, fear of poverty, fear of criticism, fear of old age and ill health, fear of loss of love, fear of unknown and most of us suffer from more than one, rather a mix of these fears.

I believe fear is good. Fear is good because it means you’re thinking of, moving towards, and considering something unconventional… So in that sense, fear is the first step in the journey you’re about to embark on. Fear is good because it’s an inbuilt threat alert system which helps us filter the bad and dangerous situations and happenings.

Fear is good because it keeps you on your toes and moving. Fear of being hurt or loss or being criticized, consistently keeps you to do better, so that you don’t loose the reputation, the money, the status, etc that you have already built or earned.

Fear is good because it tell you what’s important to you. Think about it, would you be fearful about something you don’t care about. No. This means fear if examined carefully can help you identify what’s important and what is not.

Fear is good, because it keeps your thought process in check. Being bold and aggressive is one thing and being foolish is totally another. Fair amount of fear makes you question yourself, your ideas and the feasibility of your ideas, and questions bring you close to the truth. The truth may scare the crap out of you but, it will also set you free.

Let me give you an example, one of my passions as well as thankfully my profession is to work with aspiring entrepreneurs and I see them struggling with all sorts of fears everyday. I help them question their fears, find if the fears are legitimate or just a negative thought that has blinded their vision temporarily, and if the fears are legit, then find the true reason behind the fear. One of the most powerful questions I ask my clients is if they fell flat on their face while chasing their dreams, worst-case scenario, how long would it take them to recover? How hard would it really be to find another job? The answer mostly is lesser than they originally thought. In fact I’ve never come across anyone who thought it would take them more than a few months to recover. Then I ask them – is the fear of a few tough months strong enough to keep you in a mediocre situation indefinitely? The answer is always – NO.

My point is, do not let your fears overcome your dreams, your passion, your life… Question your fears, find the truth behind those fears and make those fears work for you, not against you.  Here are three quick steps to handle fear: Make a list – read out loud: Filter all the non-critical fears or the ones that have no support at all. And for the rest, now you have a clear understanding of the fear and its source. This step helps clearing the noise and identifying the valid and legit fears. Talk to a close friend or coach: The fears left on your list from step 1 above need some talking and brainstorming. Talk to a close friend, a teacher or a coach if you have one because fresh perspectives get us more familiar and acquainted on the issues. In most cases, you would know what needs to be done in order to befriend the fear or totally scratch it out of your list because after the talk and brainstorming you now know that they were also part of noise and not the signal. Burn the boats: Fear of failure disappears when you realize it can’t save you and that failure is not even an option anymore. When success is the only option, you have no choice but to follow through.

Mark Twain once said Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear — not absence of fear, which means even the fearless have fear, they just know how to resist and master fears and make them work in their favor. You already have the same fears as they [fearless] do, now all you have to do is master the fears and make them work for you. It is that simple, yet that complicated.

Devesh Dwivedi is an entrepreneur who helps cubicle imprisoned aspiring entrepreneurs break out of the 9 to 5 cubicle jail and start their business. More info: www.entrepreneurinmaking.com

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  • http://www.Want2BeMe.com/ Tina Paparone

    I was considering writing an article about the fear you live with as an entrepreneur, but it’s definitely a difficult topic to articulate. You did a great job bringing the subject to life! It’s amazing how many people let fear dictate their decisions.

  • http://entrepreneurinmaking.com Devesh

    Tina, thanks for the kind comment! I find this emotion (fear) very intriguing; on one hand for some it switches on the killer attitude and they start work on it like success is the only option and with some it switches off even the common sense and reflexes… I believe, it’s all about what we make out of what we have… in this case that happens to be fear, are we gonna see the good in it and leverage upon or scare ourselves out of business even before we started it… Choice, we all should remember, is always ours.

  • http://entrepreneurinmaking.com Devesh

    BTW, how’s BeMe coming?

  • Alex W

    Devesh, I am own a small remodeling company and your article just hit the nail on the head. I struggle as well as strive for success everyday. It is a challenge to say the very least. Thanks for the article. Nice job

  • Anonymous

    I can relate to your opinion of fear as a motivating factor, but you are forgetting about the physiological gender differences. When men feel /sense fear, their SNS ( sympathetic nervous system ) is activated and they feel a greater sense of thrill and excitement compared to women who feel nauseous and nervous when they’re faced with fear.

    Mark Twain was brilliant but when he said resistance towards fear…I’m leaning towards and definitely developing more of a zen approach to fear. When I feel my body resisting the fear and trying to ‘save’/protect me from it, I think of yielding to the fear and accepting it, breathing through it, and making it part of me.

    I suppose when you say master fear, we both really mean the same thing but with different vocabulary. Funny, isn’t it?

    Nevertheless, I leave you with Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote -” Do one thing everyday that scares you”. I’m doing this everyday for 180days and I can certainly say, I’m not an expert on fear, but repetition definitely builds up courage!

    just my two cents, thanks for the good read.

  • http://entrepreneurinmaking.com Devesh

    Thanks Alex, I’m really glad that you enjoyed reading it!

  • http://entrepreneurinmaking.com Devesh

    First, thanks for the insightful comment!

    I see your point however, I would not ‘genderize’ (if there’s such a word) the fear. If we take a much broader interpretation of ‘Fear’, well, being put in a Lion’s cage or an encounter with a Bear in the woods would bring up the same fear of being hurt or getting killed in both men and women. I’ve seen enough women gamblers, athletes, and entrepreneurs to not see gender making much difference when it comes to sense of thrill or adventures or fear of loosing/ failure/ etc… My POV while writing this piece was mostly to help the aspiring entrepreneurs with their fear of starting up, taking the first step…

    I agree with you on the Mark Twain’s comment regarding resisting and mastering the fear.

    “Do one thing everyday that scares you” is a great advice and it helps us expand our comfort-zone by stepping out of it, at least once everyday…

    Interesting project, good luck with initiative180!

  • Morgan

    Will be passing this article on to many people who currently let their fears ruin their chances of becoming extremely successful. Personally, fear is a rush for me. When I can feel the fear, I know I’m headed in the right direction!! Thanks for this!

  • http://entrepreneurinmaking.com Devesh

    You’re quite welcome and thanks for sharing!

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  • Usama

    “Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” Les Brown
    Leave your fears and do what you always dreamed of.

  • Dizon Celina

    anu nha