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Why Your Small Business Needs a Hosted VoIP Phone System

| September 15, 2010 | 19 Comments

Haven’t heard of VoIP? Well, you should know about it if you’re running a small business. VoIP (Voice over IP) is a technology that turns your Internet connection into a phone line. By simply having an IP phone or phone application on your computer, you can start making and receiving calls. Basically, once setup, it’s just like a traditional phone. Dial anyone, anywhere.

Hosted VoIP is the best option because you don’t have to deal with any setup or management of the system. The services, like OnSIP Hosted VoIP, will generally offer everything a normal phone would like voicemail, conferencing, hold, transfers, and more.

Guess what? You’re already using similar solutions!

You probably don’t even realize it, but you’re seeing similar solutions, just in different industries, all over the business landscape. Do you use Gmail for Business, Basecamp, Salesforce or Freshbooks? These solutions are extremely popular in their industries and are based on the same idea that hosted VoIP is. With these hosted services, small businesses can spend less time managing, updating, and accessing data and software and let another company take care of it. This is what hosted VoIP does just for phone systems.

So how exactly does hosted VoIP help your business?

1. Look bigger than you are: Hosted VoIP can setup a system so a caller gets an auto-attendant that prompts the caller with extensions within your company. (“Thank you for calling Company X, please press 1 for Sales, 2 for…”)  This can help your business look professional and much larger than your operation actually is.

2. Save money: Generally, these systems will cost less than a traditional phone line. Reason being is that there is less infrastructure for your calls to travel over. International and long distance dialing are where you can really save money using these systems. Don’t forget that by using a hosted system, you don’t have to deal with managing it or fixing problems. You will save on all those IT costs as the hosted company will handle it.

3. It grows with your business: Bringing new employees on board? No need to run more phone lines or buy more equipment. You simply have to add an extension and configure the system to reach the new employee’s line. What if your booming business needs a bigger office? There is no packing up equipment and re-installing it down the road. Once the Internet is setup at your new office, so is your phone system.

4. Be efficient: As with any of the programs like Freshbooks or Basecamp, you are using them to streamline your business. They make life simpler and require you to spend less time fixing things and waiting on hold to reach the IT person you need. Hosted VoIP does the same for the phone system and will help make life as a startup company a little less hectic by letting you worry about other problems.

5. Travel and work remotely: One great aspect about hosted VoIP is that your phone extension isn’t tied to a specific phone line in your office; it’s simply connected via the internet.  This means wherever you go, your business phone number can go with you.  With a hosted phone provider like OnSIP, you can configure several phones for your extension (work, office, cell phone, vacation home).   What’s more, your coworker can work across the country, and you can simply extension dial him/her and transfer calls as if they are in an office across the hall.

Check out OnSIP.com for more information and get started today with a free trial for your business!

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  • http://www.virtualpbxcompare.com/extended-table/freedom800-budget.html Hosted Phone System

    Also, phone system such as VoIP can create a lasting impression on callers and customers.

  • http://www.voicemailtel.com/ Havas Daniel

    Excellent post. You described the 5 most important reason for using VOIP. Taking everything in account running a business is about results and profitability and this is why #2 is the most important reason for VOIP.

    I myself use a VOIP business phone service and i liked it so much that eventually i became a partner in the providers company.

    If anybody wants to hear more visit http://twitter.com/havasd and drop me a mail.
    Our company is http://www.voicemailtel.com/ .

  • Usama

    Email sells more than phone but it doesn’t hurt to try something extra. Thanks for the tip.

  • http://www.axvoice.com/plans/residential-voip.html residential VoIP

    Hosted voip solutions are not suitable for residential use because we need to establish a service PBX hosted solutions. These solutions are mainly beneficial for the large enterprise corporations.

  • https://secure.ringcentral.com/office-v2/setup.html?tier=3313&office_phone=800-720-5758 Hosted Office Phone System

    “Haven’t heard of VoIP?…”

    Well, I did! In fact, I can share wonderful notes about this service. It is the most affordable and effect way to equip small business with Fortune 500 image.

  • Neil

    This is so true. We are a lawn care company and switching to voip is one of the greatest things we have ever done. With the new hosted pbx service we really stand out above the competition. All of the extra features along with free long distance made switching a no brainer for us.

    BTW. the company we use is called Cytracom. Visit them at http://www.cytracom.com

  • http://www.key2ip.com/ Emile Marston

    Installing Hosted PBX to your business is a good idea, if you want more improvements to your business. The benefits from putting hosted VoIP Phone System to your business sounds really great!

  • Aviad Reuvenny

     Hosted VoIP solutions are mainly popular because of their low prices. Right now, they are known as the cheapest calling solution available in the market. To “add insult to injury” they are offering customized solutions also. The whole situation has become a horrible dream for the land line service providers.

  • Brian Halling

    This is a reality. Hosted VoIP solutions have become really popular in the market. No one and specially the land line service providers had never thought of such a situation. Right now, hosted voip solutions have become an ultimate choice for any businessman and these solutions are giving tough time to the land line phones. 

  • Aron Accurso

     Low prices of host voip solution have given a tough challenge to the land line phones and right now land line phone companies are struggling for their survival. Anyone who has a small business is trying to switch to voip because it offers solutions according to its budget.

  • Frank Moran

    Actually, hosted voip solutions are not only cost effective but also they support your business. In fact your business get a boom with the hosted voip solutions. In my five year career as a voip engineer, I have seen so many businesses that have florished after they signed up with VoIP service. 

  • Brett Kemp

    Yes hosted voip solutions are not just the way to communicate but many organizations are using these solutions as an important source for their business. If you plan your strategy precisely and know what are your requirements, hosted voip will certainly give a boost to your business. 

  • Aviad Reuvenny

     Right now, hosted voip solutions have not remained limited to business only. There are so many ready made solution available. People are using these solutions for residential use also. With hosted voip solution you can get unlimited local calls in $10 per month only.

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    Interested in VoIP Solutions?  1-VoIP.com is the place to start.