Next Friday, September 24th, BizTechDay will be making its New York City stop. The conference brings together over 400 of the smartest, most passionate, and most influential entrepreneurs and business leaders into one conference. The leaders gather for one day to help strengthen your business, ideas and ventures in New York.

Speakers include: Seth Godin, Founder of Meetup, Help a Reporter Out, Profounder, Gymboree, Ofoto, Dan Schawbel and Fox News.

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The conference will take place at the New York Times Center on September 24th. This is a great opportunity for young entrepreneurs to get out there and meet some of the most influential people in New York City. Don’t forget to prepare for the conference and find out some of the other people who will be there. Make a plan to meet certain people and know what session you will be attending.

Something like this can be a great opportunity but make sure to be ready so you get your money’s worth!