The World Would Literally Crash Without Facebook and Here’s Why : Under30CEO The World Would Literally Crash Without Facebook and Here’s Why : Under30CEO
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The World Would Literally Crash Without Facebook and Here’s Why

| December 30, 2013 | 4 Comments


If you haven’t realized by now that Facebook runs our lives, it’s probably because you live in some remote village in Africa that no one cares about. We are all familiar with the terms “Facebook stalking”, “friending someone”, unfriending someone”, and we have undoubtedly told new sexual partners “to find [us] on Facebook!”

Now that smartphones and their mobile apps are expected to outgrow home broadband use, Facebook is being accessed even more via Facebook Mobile. Thats not so much the shocker. What’s scary is the influence Facebook has over your life and what is to be expected from Facebook Connect.

Your Favorite Apps Depend on Facebook

Interactive apps often require new users to login through Facebook using Facebook Connect. This bears the question, how can new apps become “the next Facebook” when they rely on Facebook technology? Using an internal API, popular apps like Foursquare, Venmo, and Words With Friends, verify users ID’s with Facebook Connect. Simply put, companies would not be able to garner any users, and ultimately revenue, without drawing your information from Facebook Connect.

It only gets worse from here.

Facebook Can Ruin Your Credit Score

According to a recent report, originally published by CNN Money, some companies are beginning to use Facebook as a credit source. What does this mean for you? If you accidently make a late payment, companies like Lenddo, will lower your credit score if they don’t approve of your friends list. Lending companies are now relying on your Facebook connections to decide if you are a good candidate for a loan. It may be time to delete that high school bully that dropped out and gained 200 Lbs.

Facebook and The NSA Are In a Relationship

After the recent Edward Snowden controversy, many Americans are worried just how much information is given out about them. But with Facebook transcending across nations, who is to say other governments aren’t spying on you as well? In America, the NSA is tracking your social connections and ensuring that you are not swooning with any terrorists. Although this technology is used as a supposed safety measure, this also means that the government, know all your dark secrets. I’m sure you already knew this by now though.

Facebook is Dominating… Google!

Google, the beloved search engine that has transformed to include successful apps, email, smartphone operating system, sleek glasses, and a successful social network. However, as Android and iOS continue to replace home broadband at faster rates, more people are accessing Facebook Mobile, beating Google at its own operating system. Whats the problem with that? Currently Facebook Mobile is viewed 97.7 million times and its only expected to grow as 1 out of every 5 people in the world acquires a smartphone.

Take Away Points

Of course you and companies rely on Facebook, thats not shocking. What is shocking however is how integrated Facebook is in our lives. Not only is it able to recognize your face, but governments and funding agencies know every single detail about you. And what’s to come in the future? Who’s to say that Facebook won’t replace the National Census? Wireless mobile activity is increasing and Facebook is taking the reins in both good and awfully scary ways.

Written with love by the writers at Fueled, London designers of polished mobile apps.

About the Author: Fueled

We are Fueled, a digital product design and development incubator globally recognized for its work in the mobile space. At Fueled, we don't just build apps; with teams of designers, developers and strategists based in New York, Chicago and London, we create visually stunning products that redefine the technical boundaries of today's mobile development standards. We've built award-winning iPhone, iPad and Android apps used by millions of people for clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to up and coming startups including Barney's, Coca Cola, UrbanDaddy, JackThreads and MTV. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of usability, stability and design in every project that we touch.

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  • FunnyAfricanGuy

    I think in remote villages in Africa you will find Facebook is in use.

  • LuckyMG

    Seemingly, no one in your company (Fueled, is it?) has never been to any part of Africa, or thought of brushing up on their world views.

    Did you know that Africa is a continent, and not a country? That’s news, right?

    And did you know that in those “villages no one cares about,” the people there care for each other more than your friends would ever care for you?

    Before writing about “Africa” think of something else.


  • Ulrico Grech-Cumbo

    While the comment was purely anecdotal, you’ll hopefully be enlightened to know that Africa has some of the highest mobile penetration in the entire world. Crazy averages like 2 to 3 devices per person. On a recent trip to Morocco, Berber natives in the middle of the Sahara had Facebook accounts. Glad to see I’m not the only one who found the quip in bad taste.

  • Cary Bilstein

    I rarely post a comment but this time I won’t pass it up. And ironically a number of people have already beaten me to the punch with the same thoughts/feelings I have. You say that “We hold ourselves to the highest standard of usability, stability and design in every project that we touch.” Clearly you don’t hold yourself to the highest standards of being a class act. Your comment about Africa is downright sickening. Not just because of your ignorance, (the internet, FaceBook and, Mobile applications have actually reached every corner of this planet) but the gall that you picked that continent. Why don’t you read one of your News Apps and see what is really going on in those small remote villages in the Sudan, or Central African Republic right now. You bash the very area of this planet that needs our help the most. Morons.