entrepreneur checklistEmbarking on the journey towards entrepreneurship is exciting when envisioned in your mind but can be very daunting and demanding when actually materializing your ideas. Let me clearly state that being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart or those who are mentally weak. This career path will highlight your strengths and your weaknesses and will force you to focus intently on bettering yourself to find success. Are you tough enough mentally and emotionally? Are you prepared to work unbelievably hard and constantly keep a competitive mindset on how to better enhance yourself for success? This is what entrepreneurship demands of you on a continual basis. Make sure you are completely prepared and mindful of what awaits you as a hopeful entrepreneur.

Here are 6 personal tools needed to help assist you along your entrepreneurial journey.


Just generating ideas in your mind about your success is not going to produce the desired results. You have to be willing to put in the necessary work and a little extra to get in the position you are seeking. When you speak to people about your business they should be able to feel the passion you have to see your ideas prosper. This demonstrates your ability to keep pushing towards your goals without hesitation until they are finally achieved.


If you want to be an entrepreneur then prepare to be in it for the long haul. Frustrations and setbacks will arise continually and you must have the ability to maneuver past them time after time. Maybe your business has not taken off like had envisioned it would. Are you going to call it quits for entrepreneurship? Many of the greatest business visionaries have failed time and time again but they were unwaveringly committed to seeing their visions come into existence.


You must be determined to conquer your fear of risk and failure no matter how difficult it may seem. Those who are afraid of the unknown remain in a dependent position, while those who produce answers in the unknown create freedom. Use your fears of failure and rejection as motivation to push harder towards success.


Many people will doubt your ability to be an entrepreneur and produce a successful business. Are you going to let their discouraging and pessimistic talk kill your aspirations? If the distractions of outside influences negatively interfere with developing your business then you are destined to fail. You must be your biggest and loudest cheerleader when things seem the most impossible to accomplish.


In entrepreneurship there are no easy answers to finding solutions for problems. Developing a business along with finding customers for that business is truly complexing. You must have the persistence to make yourself visible and valuable within the marketplace to attract the much needed attention to your business. This means developing the right ingredient of effective business ideas and business operations that lead to consumer satisfaction. No matter how difficult it may be, you must find solutions to consumer needs and wants in order to gain success.


You have decided to be an entrepreneur so do everything in your capacity to make this decision a reality. This will require the strength and desire to persist through any setbacks and discouraging circumstances. You will have to be your strongest advocate and loudest motivational coach. Only those who truly want to succeed and be the best have the determination to push forward and come through standing tall. You must have the undeterred drive and ability to do the same.

Becoming an entrepreneur is an intriguing, competitive and demanding journey. Only those who are most determined and focused will succeed. Make sure you are included in that exceptional group of people.

Yura Bryant is the Business Development Manager at Sherry Bryant & Associates, a consulting business in Atlanta, Georgia. Yura writes extensively on entrepreneurialambitions.com, a website dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and small business owners.