get out of your own way

The way you think about yourself effects everything that you do, especially when it comes to growing your business and making money.

One of the first things I do with new clients is get them crystal clear on the things that are holding them back, before we even get to business strategies. You can read all the books in the world but the bottom line is, you will only ever go as far as you let yourself.

If you think that it’s hard to make good money, that people won’t pay you what your worth or that it takes years of struggling to finally “make it’ then that is exactly what will become true for you.

As an entrepreneur, the most important thing you can invest in is yourself.

Here are 8 ways to stop holding yourself back and start getting the income you deserve!

Be honest about what’s not working for you

Get real with yourself, and look at where and how you have been holding yourself back.

Do you say you’ll do things and then never get around to them? Are you easily distracted and lose focus? Or are you lacking self-confidence to take the first step?

Without judging yourself, just be really clear on where you are at right now, in terms of both the good and the so-called bad. Once you are honest with yourself about where you are, you can begin to move forward. Give yourself permission to let go of the things that aren’t working in your life and business so that you can make room for the things that you do want.

Choose your financial influences

Take a look at the people with whom you spend the most time because they have an immense effect on your earnings.

Seek out happy, motivated people who are also working on goals and ambitions, and make it a point to spend time with people who know more than you do, embody what you want, and push you to be better. If you spend time with people who complain about not having enough and how tough it is out there then it is going to be hard for you to really create lasting change. Instead, look at spending more time with supportive, ambitious people who believe in abundance and growth.

Immerse yourself in abundance

Spend time reading uplifting books, listen to educational audiobooks and invest in joining a coaching program to really help you see yourself and your work in a new way.

We attract what we are not just what we want, the more abundant you can feel, the quicker things will change for you. I completely changed my business and income over the last year by choosing to only spend time and energy with people and things that support me and my goals. You could listen to audio programs on the train or take a meditation break. Whatever works for you, do it.

Refuse to look at, read or discuss anything that re enforces belief in lack or scarcity.

Get clear on how much you want

Our subconscious mind is like a GPS system, you have to let it know where you want to be so it can start taking you there. How much money do you want to be earning ? What would be a life changing amount? Getting clear on a goal is the first step in achieving it.

There is nothing wrong with wanting more money or desiring a larger income, we need to let go of the idea that wanting money is bad. Give yourself permission to get clear on how much you want and enjoy it!

Put together a support package

What are you already doing that you aren’t charging for?

I was coaching a client last week who was spending a huge amount of time answering questions over e-mail to her clients so I helped her to create a support package that people can buy. You could use 15 min check in calls, some e-mail support and throw in some done for you materials like FAQ’s.

Make information products

If we had a session, I could show you how to package what you know into information products. They are the way forward in business. My income and business model totally changed when I started selling training programs and audios. Take what you know and put it into downloads, programs or even e-books. You’ll be glad you did.

Make an irresistible offer

If you want to increase cash flow then create an offer people can’t refuse. When I sign new clients, I send them a welcome pack with some audios and an e-book in, it’s my way of adding more value for then and it starts off our working relationship in a nice way. What can you add to your packages and programs to make them even more irresistible?

Make a list of all the things you have been putting off doing to bring more money in

Your subconscious mind is a powerhouse of information and ideas.

Starting a list like that will show you just how many things are right in front of you that you can do to bring more cash in, once you know what to do take big action on it.

Which of these strategies stood out for you ? I’d love to hear from you!

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