SalesBus Founders Rickey Berrin (left) and Seth Murphy (right)

Entrepreneurs are often fueled by passion. When asked what’s important in vetting an idea to pursue as an entrepreneur, Ricky Berrin responded, “Make sure it’s something you are passionate about because you’re going to be spending a lot of time on it. The second part is making sure what you’re building is something people actually care about and want.”

Ricky is a passionate entrepreneur who started his entrepreneurial ride at a young age selling mangos on the street with his sister. In 2012, Ricky and his team SeeMore Technology took home a share of $75,000 in NYU’s Technology Venture Competition. Since the competition, he has also been involved in the Dorm Room Fund, served as the co-president of the NYU Entrepreneurs Network, and worked in business development at The Fancy.

Q: What’s your best piece of advice for fellow young entrepreneurs?

A: “Make it happen. Go for it!”

It’s been a crazy past few years for Ricky, but so is the life of a young entrepreneur. “You may have a lot of obstacles and it’s going to be tough. You have to recognize that going in, but for me it’s been extremely rewarding and the challenges are really exciting. I think it’s probably better than any job you could get.”


Ricky describes what they are doing with SalesBus as “empowering individuals to become sales people for their favorite products.” The startup has created a platform where companies can post their products, which will then be sold offline in a direct selling style method by a young sales force. After running a successful a pilot program at Rutgers University last semester, the company is now launching a campus representative program on multiple campuses in the Northeast.

Ricky was working at The Fancy when he realized the strong relationship that people have with products they love through websites like The Fancy and Pinterest. Being in love with tech products and cool new toys is nothing new, but the ability to share with friends and the world has never been stronger thanks to technology and resources to do so. The power and influence of a friends’ recommendation fuels billions of dollars of purchases each year. The emergence of direct selling and multi-level marketing is a product of the effectiveness of referrals and selling to your inner circle. SalesBus is matching up direct selling with products chosen by the seller, allowing the seller to promote what they are passionate about.

We all are passionate about something. Ricky has clearly found his passion with entrepreneurship and is counting on the passion of others to share what they love to fuel SalesBus.

Jump on the bus and stay a while! Listen to the full interview with Ricky Berrin below.



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