Do You Need a Serviced Office?

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Service OfficeOne of the toughest things as an entrepreneur or head a startup that’s set to take over the world is the challenge of getting it off the ground. There are so many things a business needs, especially at first, and they all cost cash. And in the beginning of any great enterprise, time is also a valuable resource.

But to make your idea successful and gain the confidence of clients and investors, you also need to look successful and have support.

What’s a savvy new CEO to do?

Find all of that in one package, and do it at an unbeatable rate!

Behold, the serviced office!

Whether your new business venture is just getting off the ground or taking off beyond your wildest dreams, you know that having a brick and mortar location is going to be vital. And that’s exactly what a serviced office offers, but without all the headache and expense of set up.

Ready-to-go, furnished work space, complete with secretarial services such as reception and phone support, wifi, video conferencing, printers, maintenance, and more are just some of the benefits the serviced office has to offer.

Pay for what you need, when you need it

Moreover, since the terms on serviced offices are flexible, you pay for what you need, when you need it, usually in one convenient package with all the right options available.

Need a conference room? Book it.

Need someone to do some networking and run a phone blitz for a few days? Skilled professional help is immediately available, without having to stop and interview or hire a separate temp or agency.

Going out of town for a week or need some time to hammer out an important contract with your best client? There’s someone to answer the phone, take messages, and screen per your specifications who gets forwarded for your immediate attention and who can wait.

Not only room for now, but room to grow

While growth and fast success is what every hot company wants, smart entrepreneurs know that growth can cost too.

Another great benefit of occupying a serviced office is that it’s flexible leasing terms mean the space you occupy can grow incrementally with your success, without the hassle of a million little details to weigh you down.

(Seriously, do you really want to stop what you’re doing to order a new office chair for your latest hire?)

With built-in management taking care of all the little details, you’re free to do what you want to do and do best—grow your business!

Determining if a virtual or serviced office is right for you

While leasing a serviced office is the perfect solution for some, for others, it may not be time or it may not be right at all.

If you’re constantly on the road and your volume is not yet large enough to necessitate outside support, you may not actually need a brick-and-mortar office yet. For others, such as those who sell goods that for one reason or another need on-site storage,  require specialized or unusual equipment, investing in those things and moving to a fully dedicated physical space they can entirely call their own may be a smarter option.

But for everyone in between, especially those just getting off the ground and those whose offered products and services are in a constant state of growth and change, or who are not yet ready to make a permanent investment, there’s a perfect, ready-to-go office space waiting for you!

 Sean Hambrick is an office space consultant. He has extensive experience in commercial property and his articles mainly appear on business blogs. Click on the link to see serviced offices Swindon.

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