eminutesA few months ago eMinutes launched an ambitious campaign to incorporate 500 companies 100% free of charge. They are now on the home stretch and only have a few more free incorporation’s to offer! We expect these last few to go fast and encourage you to reach out to eMinutes about incorporating your business quickly.

The great thing here is there is no catch or hidden fees of any kind. Free simply means free (including the filing fees!). If you’re looking to start a business we recommend contacting them to learn more about this great offer!

Important: You must be a resident of New York or California to qualify.

Contact eMinutes to learn more about the offer

“ Big Thanks to Under30CEO and eMinutes for consistently catering to the younger generation of entrepreneurs!  As a former college athlete and current business owner, I can honestly say that having the proper insight and resources are HUGE keys to success in any field, and you guys are hitting it out of the park! ” Kevin Watkins, Founder/Owner, FirstRounders Network

eMinutes has already formed hundreds of free corporations for entrepreneurs. Founder Jeff Unger has run eMinutes for twenty years and has formed thousands of corporations for A-list celebrities, musicians, and athletes.

Jeff explains “I had the idea to form 500 free corporations for entrepreneurs. I thought it was a great way to build my brand and to meet some really interesting people, but I had no idea how it would impact me on a personal and emotional level. Corporate lawyers usually don’t get thank you notes and now I have bunches of them. We love the enthusiasm and passion that each entrepreneur brings to our lives”.

Is it really free?

Free means free. eMinutes is even paying the filing fees. For first-time entrepreneurs who have not yet formed a corporation, eMinutes will form the company. For entrepreneurs who have already formed a corporation,eMinutes lawyers will review the paperwork, determine whether documents need to be “cleaned up”, and take whatever steps are necessary to restructure the company. All of this will be provided at no charge

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