It sucks being weird doesn’t it?

What?  You aren’t weird?

Ohhh, you mean you’ve been hiding your individuality. You know, showing up to boring happy hours just to fit in with your co-workers.  Pretending you like sports and drinking and your job, just so others will like you….

Today, I talk to my friend Martin McGovern from Idea Lemon. Martin helps people embrace their weirdness, find their voice, and get attention for their side project.

We attack issues that everyone can relate to…

Trying to be happier. Finding friends who support you. Being made fun of for not drinking. And feigning interest in things just to be accepted.

Look, this isn’t high school. We cut through the bullshit and give you actionable things to do to live a happier more fulfilled life.

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“People would question her why is she writing about happiness and seeking happiness”

“I want to be the best version of myself or as happy as I can possibly be”

“There are different levels of happiness that people can achieve”

“How do you actually define your own happiness and what are you chasing?”

“Are you comparing your happiness to the perceived happiness of others which inherently takes down your happiness more or you just contend with where you’re at or in any point in the game?”

“You don’t start at passion you gain experience and expertise and then that makes you more passion about something”

“Is this helping me get the things that I like or is it bringing me further away?”

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