webstar content

Year Founded:

April 2009


Matthew Goulart – 21 years old. Lives in Mississauga Ontario, Canada. Still at school studying at the University of Toronto.



About the company:

WebStarContent.com is an online company that manages an exclusive popular list of desirable websites. We also provide content development and consulting services for many of our clients. Our goal is simple drive traffic to our client’s sites and the traffic created will create a lead that our clients can convert into a sale or the traffic can increase ad revenue. We principally focus on content development for our clients… some of our clients who use our content development are realtykitchen.com, prairiefarmandranch.com, muddyyork.com just to name a few.

What makes the company unique in its industry?

WebStar Content has many unique features and services that help their clients. Our consultants help our writers generate keyword rich content for our content develop business. These keyword rich and targeted keywords help generate more traffic to websites, we also promote certain articles on social media platform. We use our consultants to promote our client articles. It provides more value to the client and the client generates more exposure. Our business has three focuses from managing websites, consulting, and providing unique content. There isn’t many online companies with our specific business model. Each focus provides further value to our clients, no matter what service you use. We are also planning on launching a Site Review product, a much more cost effective product for the do it yourself people.

Future plans for the company:

  • Expanding our management roster. We currently own Banknerd.ca one of Canada’s largest financial/banking websites. Our plan is to further enhance our financial website roster. We are currently in discussions about acquiring some websites. We are also open to the idea of developing sites from scratch.
  • We are just finishing up our Real Estate guide to generate traffic to your website and generating leads. The book is geared towards real estate agents but the principals are the exact same for any website owner.
  • We also plan on driving our content development service. As we feel blogs and websites aren’t being updated on a daily basis and in the online world to be successful, you need to be updated daily and provide relevant information. Wouldn’t it be nice to hire professional writers with SEO experience, have articles promoted on social media while you focus on generating sales to your site. Our clients who use our content development service have more time now to focus on branding, marketing, sales, and most importantly customer interaction. It is about providing value to our clients. The more value we can provide our clients, the more we feel they will be satisfied with our services.

What was the start-up budget?

Literally $250… It covered our hosting and our basic template on our website. Our marketing came from word of mouth. People noticed the websites we worked on were doing really well and decided to give us a try.

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