business-saneOne of the hardest things to manage as an entrepreneur is life outside of work. Even the smallest tasks find a way to pile up and make it impossible to think about anything other than your company. Navigating your way through personal life while controlling a business can seem completely overwhelming, but there are ways to put yourself on the right path.

Cut Clutter

Clutter exists in all areas-in the office, at home, and within your mind. Make everything in your life as easy as you possibly can. Write a list of things that you see as complicated and find a way to make them simpler. Organizing everything is an easy way to cut down on stress. At the office you can organize supplies, keep a calendar and planner, edit down files, and get rid of anything you don’t need. At home you can set up a small work space and make every other area as relaxing and minimal as possible. Be sure to include details that keep you happy and leave as much work out of the home as you can. Another key is to make time for yourself a priority. Whether it’s waking up early to take ten minutes to yourself or taking an hour after work, it’s important to include this time. Keep personal stress to a complete minimum as small stressors tend to build up into a bigger issue.

Take Control

Your business should never have control over you. Though being an entrepreneur is a major part of anyone’s life, it is important to stay self-aware and keep goals that are not related to work. No matter how small or large the goal may be, it is important to set personal tasks for yourself. You might have been wanting to read a new book, or maybe you want to start a family. Many business owners lose sight of personal goals, even some that they had been looking forward to for most of their life. Another way to take control is to recognize all of the small things in your life. Whether at work or at home, appreciating smaller details will make your life easier and give you a sense of accomplishment when you complete each task. This will also make it simpler to give credit when credit is due. If an employee helps you finish a major project, you would compliment them or give them credit for it. This same rule should apply to yourself when you finish something that seemed daunting at the beginning.

Have Fun

Having fun is acceptable at work, not just off the clock. If you aren’t enjoying what you do then it’s not worth doing. Becoming an entrepreneur should be a decision that you make in part because you want to absolutely love what you do. If that is lost it will be very easy to run out of steam and very hard to keep the business going. Above all else, put your happiness first. Surround yourself only with the most positive influences and your business will run smoother than any other.

Lauren Runyon is an up-and-coming interior designer, business owner, and blogger. She is currently an Interior Design student in Gainesville, FL.